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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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The account(s) AygoMedia has/have been suspended from YouTube for crimes against copyright. YouTube Poop salutes you!
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The account(s) AygoTheClown has/have been suspended from YouTube for crimes against copyright. YouTube Poop salutes you!
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Wodienfor [A.K.A. AygoMedia/ilvamaster/Wodi] is a British YTPer with autism who makes YTP's, Tennis rounds, and MISC. videos.



Back in 2009, Wodi was for the first time on YouTube. He first watched many logos and logos in Reverse videos (Mostly the Logo Mania Rewind series).


Back in 2011, he discovered a pretty interesting and popular video style on Youtube, YouTube Poops, as he was very impressed with what he just found out, he tried to get Sony Vegas to make them by himself (Vegas Pro 10.0, Vegas Pro 9.0, Vegas Pro 8.0, and Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.0 were his first versions). Unfortunately, all of them were TRIAL versions. So, he got Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.0, yes, the FULL version. He started messing around with the effects on it a lot and He basically poops Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!, CD-i and I.M. Meen, and when Vegas Movie Studio stopped working, he finally decided to get Sony Vegas Pro 9.0, the FULL version.


Back in the 4th July 2012, Wodi joined YouTube as AygoMedia, his very first account on Youtube. He basically uploaded aidsless aids YTP's, YTP Tennis Rounds and logos on it. Sadly, he got terminated. Then he made another YouTube account by the name of, AygoTheClown, in which he uploaded seizure YTP's and YTP Tennis rounds. He then got into a fight with Drman198 (A.K.A. Mrguy891) which is over obsessed with Wodi's old clown OC picture. As Wodi got terminated again he made another account called AygoTheClownIsBack, which formerly uploaded tennis matches and YTP's. But, when he got criticized for making seizure poops, Wodi started getting offended and acted immature.

A few days later, while Wodi was depressed, he got a very good idea by making a poop in which he improved his style (keep in mind that Wodi accepts criticism now) and uploaded it to YouTube and every YTPer loved it and they decided to like him again.


One of the worst years he's ever been YTPing, if not worse than 2012, in his opinion.

When Wodi made a mariotehplumber YTP, Mariotehplumber himself flagged the video and gave him a strike (either that or the title was inappropriate), And Wodi was shocked and speechless and he decided to move to his current account, AygoMedia1997 (also known as Aygo Abstract/AygoMedia [ToyotaAygoFan1997] because of Google+, now known as Wodi Archives) where he reuploaded videos (except seizure/destructive PokeFire styled visual YTP's). When SarevolNahtanoj (Keep in mind that Sarevol doesn't have a Chewiki article yet) first knew him in February 2013, Wodi liked his videos a lot, nowadays, he's Sarevol's best friend, as people claimed they were the same person's account (When an actual fact that Wodi and Sarevol are different people in different accounts), he decided to have his new style and started talking to much more people than only Sarevol, he still talks with Sarevol, though.


In 2014, he is acting more mature. Wodi talks to people nicely, and he makes proper YTP's and abstract tennis rounds on his AygoTennis/ilvatennis account. Now he apologized to his haters who ignored him in the past.

A few months ago, (October or November 2014 was his guess) he's on hiatus for YTPing. He is busy watching videos and making new effects. He knows that YTPing is hard work for him.


In February 2015, He got Sony Vegas Pro 12.0 on his new laptop he got for Christmas, and he used BCC8 and GenArts Sapphire in them, and he makes YTP's again, with some experimental YTP's. Just recently, His latest YTP, "Stephen Tries to Make Something" had over 10 dislikes or more. He thinks that the UTUBETROLLPOLICE, or the people at YouChew disliked it for a reason, and he thinks that he'll make a fresh YTP. Now he is no longer offended by swear words and gives other people a chance......but obsesses over fiv95 a bit. [He likes him though]

He now asks people to tennis him. His videos got more abstract, trippy and trancey nowadays. He sometimes posts jokes.


His obsession is over, for real. Now he can do trippy stuff, and his parents let him swear on the internet, but not irl, and just before that, he's no longer offended over swear words, so he might put sex jokes and other stuff on a new poop. Sometimes he mainly focuses on drawing his fursona, Wodi Wolf.


Wodi started getting better and better at YTPing and tennising, as he put more jokes and randomness in his YTP's, while his tennis rounds became more trippier. He's more proud of his new videos than he ever was.

When FILPPY The Japanese stole most of his YTP's on his old account, after thinking, Wodi decided to go to his formerly dormant account and set most of his videos to public and became an archive channel, hence why it's now known as Wodi Archives.


Wodi's pooping skills have changed and became more experimental. After being known as AygoMedia and ilvamaster, Wodi changed his name to Wodienfor because he find his other usernames unoriginal.

Wodi became more open to talking to people in the YTP community over the years and got new friends.

In 2019, when he was on his other laptop, he got Adobe After Effects CC 2017 and Sony Vegas Pro 13.0 for more advanced editing because his current laptop's NET framework broke.

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Wodi's old clown character design of Aygo/Mikey after the Aygo The Clown fiasco faded. Some people are afraid of clowns.

Software used in my videos[edit]

  • Sony Vegas Pro 9.0/Sony Vegas Pro 12.0/13.0 [mostly 12.0] [Main Editor]
  • Adobe After Effects CC 2017 [for more advanced effects]
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4/3 / [formerly using Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0.] [Image editor]
  • GIMP 2.0. [Image editor]
  • Audacity. [For databending, mostly, and audio editing]
  • IrfanView. [Image editor, rarely used.]
  • Avidemux. [For datamoshing]
  • Windows Movie Maker (rarely).
  • Natron (rarely)
  • Debugmode WAX (rarely)

He might use WMM more because of the FX archive plugins.

Retired software[edit]

  • Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.0 (Not as advanced as Vegas Pro, on some laptops, it stopped working on me after using it alot.)
  • Adobe After Effects CS4, CS5.5 and CS6. (Upgrading to CC for more advanced effects)
  • Sony Vegas Pro 11.0 (Crashed on my old laptop after a few seconds.)

Plugins used[edit]

Vegas Pro[edit]

  • NewBlueFX TotalFX 3.0
  • Pixelan (CreativeEase and SpiceMASTER)
  • Bororo 3D
  • PluginPac
  • Boris CC 10 (Vegas Pro 12.0)
  • Boris Sapphire 11 (Vegas Pro 12.0)
  • AAV ColorLab
  • Red Giant Universe 2.1 (Vegas Pro 12.0)
  • HitFilm 1.0 (Vegas Pro 12.0)
  • G'MIC (OFX) (Vegas Pro 12.0)
  • Genarts Monsters GT (Vegas Pro 12.0)


  • dblue Glitch
  • mda
  • IL Vocodex
  • Glitchmachines Fracture and Hysteresis
  • Glitch One M8
  • 4formulator
  • Orange Vocoder
  • Polarizer
  • Buffer Override
  • DFX Transverb
  • Most of the other VST's he got from Nubman41.


  • ThePluginSite's Harry's Filters and Plugin Galaxy (rarely)


  • G'MIC
  • FX-Foundry

After Effects[edit]

  • Trapcode
  • Boris CC 10
  • Boris Sapphire 2019
  • G'MIC
  • Red Giant Universe 2.1
  • NewBlueFX TotalFX 3.0
  • AE Pixel Sorter
  • HitFilm Ignite


  • Sometimes he can't get his words right.
  • His worst video he created (In his opinion) was "AygoMedia Reacts - Episode 1: Gravity Faaf"

The video was basically him (as a Gravity Falls OC) reacting to claudestultus' Gravity Falls YTP. He thinks that his AM Reacts video is bad because he's trying way too hard to be funny, but failed miserably, in his opinion.

  • He is more of an abstract/experimental pooper than a comedic pooper, since he thinks that it's not that good at making jokes.
  • On his Wodienfor channel, he also makes misc./other stuff.
  • Likes some fads, like the (THING)Ward fad.
  • He showed a real voice but, he thinks he sounds awful.
  • Has a fursona of his named Wodi Wolf.
  • His current username Wodienfor came to mind when he's making an intro for his 2011 YTP compilation video back in 2015, when he was typing random letters and ended up making a word that sounded original. He used it for a short time in 2016 before he changed to Wodi The Trippy Wolf, but brought back since 2018, but with a capital W.
  • Prefers to be called Wodi or Michael rather than Aygo. The Aygo name is old and came from a Toyota car.


  • YTPer's liking his newer YTP's.
  • Better effort on his drawings and YTP's.
  • Getting over 650 subscribers on his Aygo Abstract (now Wodi Archives) account.
  • Getting over 1,000 subscribers on his Wodienfor account.

First Poop Seen[edit]

A BBC Video 1988 YTP by englishGAMER (Now englishGAMER2012/SamTheEnglishGamer).

First Poop Made[edit]

I.M.AygoMedia (Which is crappy in his opinion, but he tried, though).


  • He got criticized by saying that his poops have flashing colors and ear rape. So he tried using a different style.
  • People said that he needs to improve masking. And so he did on his YTP called "I.M. AygoMedia", It could've been better in his opinion.
  • He used to be a butthurt user back then, so he started behaving properly since July 2013.
  • Used NewBlueFX without cracking and with a watermark. He stopped using it because of that until he got a new laptop, which he started using it again.
  • He kept on feeding the trolls, but he decided to ignore trolls as of now.
  • Needs to improve a little bit of his grammar, just a little bit, but the fact that he has OCD makes sort of acceptable.

Preferred Sources[edit]

  • Idents and logos. (Pure nostalgia.)
  • CD-i (old source is old.)
  • Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! (yeah I am too old for that lol)
  • His own renders and stuff. (Obviously)
  • Happy Tree Friends (I rarely use that source nowadays)
  • AVGN (Cinemassacre)
  • Adverts/PIF's/PSA's
  • Old cartoons/episodes
  • Digimon the Movie
  • The Amazing World of Gumball
  • I.M. Meen (another old source, but hey)
  • The Bedfellows (i got back using them again)
  • whatever videos/sources he's looking for.
  • Gravity Falls (Rarely used that, like htf)
  • Stephen Larson's videos. (Got back into using them)

Not Preferred Sources[edit]

  • Some inappropiate Music Videos.
  • Go!Animate (I prefer flash better)

Preffered Methods[edit]

  • Stuttering.
  • Sentence Mixing.
  • Jokes.
  • Forward and Reversing.
  • Ear rape (sometimes as of now).
  • Pitch Shifting.
  • ExpressFX Delay effect.
  • Masking.
  • G-Major.
  • Speeding Up/Down.
  • Color Curving.
  • Artistic Effects
  • Re-rendering
  • Multi-rendering
  • Glitch Art. (Datamoshing and Databending)
  • RGB Seperating (mostly made by hand. WITH NO PLUG-INS.)


  • YouTube Poop (one of my fav hobbies)
  • Cars
  • Effects/Filters
  • Art (Abstract art was my favourite)
  • His friends
  • Making YTP's (it's hard but I have to do it for the sake of boredom)
  • Japan
  • Re-rendering segments and shipt
  • Over-editing stuff
  • Bands like The Specials, UB40, The Beatles, etc.
  • Trance music.
  • Tennis, obviously.
  • Discussing with people and friends irl and on the internet.
  • Cartoons
  • Rodney Raccoon (Cartcoon on dA) and other dA artists.
  • Alton Towers (his favourite theme park)
  • Re-rendering
  • Experimental stuff


  • My godawful 2012-mid 2013 self.
  • People that disrespects opinions. (I used to do that back then, unfortunately)
  • Go!Animate
  • Dead memes (The WTF boom was a perfect example)
  • The supoosed "Police groups" like VGCP, IGUA, UTTP, etc. Good thing he never joined them.
  • My old videos. (they suck imo)
  • Godawful cartoons (e.g. The Problem Solverz)
  • That "YOU LOVE (THING)! DON'T DENY IT" crap.
  • The "Klasky Csopo Effects" bandwagon community, mainly most of the "object thingies".
  • My old OC, Aygo Abstract, which is a recolour of Gumball, even though I supposedly hated recolours.

Favourite YTP[edit]

Too many to count.



  • AygoMedia (Suspended for some odd reason, even though he did not do anything wrong).
  • AygoTheClown (Suspended because he was butthurt).
  • AygoTheClownIsBack (Moved to AygoMedia1997 because of a strike in January 2013, but moved back in 2015 as ilvamasterALT (closed)).
  • AygoMedia1997 (Now Aygo Abstract/AygoMedia [ToyotaAygoFan1997]/Wodi Archives) because of Google+)(Moved because of immaturity, but became an archive channel due to FILPPY The Japanese using his videos without his permission).
  • AygoMedia1997ALT (Former ALT account (closed)).
  • AygoTennis (CitigoMedia) (Former Tennis account, now dormant)
  • Wodienfor/ilvamaster (Current account)
  • Wodienfor_2 (Curent ALT account)


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