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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.


LinkOnDrugs (often abbreviated: LOD) is a pooper famous for his dark and often surreal videos. Active from 2011 onwards, LOD has developed a dedicated following from fans that admire his complex and detailed creations. Initially making basic poops with sources like Spongebob and Regular Show, Link has become increasingly experimental since then. In June of 2014, for reasons unknown at the time, LinkOnDrugs closed his account. However, he eventually returned to YTP almost three years later.


LinkOnDrugs saw his first poop in 2008 and ever since then was hooked.

The first known video uploaded by LOD was a Spongebob poop named "Accident Bob Porous Pants". This was uploaded on April 13 2011, a day after his account was created.

In October 2012, after uploading a YTP titled 'Slulsman Documnetary', LOD vanished for about two months, then, two days following the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, uploaded a video titled 'american tragedy #54762387068979', which garnered around 5,000 views, before being deleted from his channel (along with another Spongebob poop titled 'Lieutenant Luffa & the Hash Slinging Strangler!').

From January 2013 onward, LOD began creating YTPs with 3D video-editing effects that are seldom exploited in other YouTube Poops. He adopted these effects to define a unique style that garnered a larger following, standing at 21,000 subscribers as of March 2014.

His backup account, LinkOnMeds (also known as Link 2.0) was suspended on March 10, 2014 for copyright violations. On March 20, LOD re-uploaded most of these short clips from his terminated LOM channel, in a 13-minute video titled 'LOD reups'.

In early June of 2014, the LinkOnDrugs account was closed due to unknown circumstances. The LOD Twitter and DeviantArt accounts, along with most of Daniel's other known accounts, were also closed around this time too. Some showed concern about the abrupt and relatively low key disappearance of LinkOnDrugs, citing suicidal themes in many of his videos to be indications of a darker end to LOD.

Since the channel's closure, multiple fake LOD accounts were created and closed. However, the real LinkOnDrugs resurfaced and uploaded a new video on March 13, 2017 on one of his old accounts. He cited real-life issues, copyright strikes, and the loss of his hard drive among others reasons for closing the original LOD account. He has since uploaded with varying degrees of frequency on his new channel.

First Poop Seen[edit]

Ash's Retarded Adventure


First Poop Uploaded[edit]

Accident Bob Porous Pants - uploaded to YouTube on April 13, 2011.


Preferred sources[edit]

LinkOnDrugs is a multi-source pooper. Many of his videos contain obscure sources and music.

The majority of his poops use SpongeBob as a source in some form, particularly his first few.

Around early 2012, LOD conducted some brief dabbling in MLP:FiM. These videos were eventually deleted.

A brief (and incomplete) list of sources used by LinkOnDrugs[edit]

Preferred Software[edit]

Link preferred to keep his editing techniques disclosed from his fans, though through speculation and examination it appears most of his content was made using Sony Vegas and After Effects.

He is known to have been proficient with Sony Vegas, having used it for many of his early poops.


Former Years

Link received criticism for using 9/11 jokes, and continued to make them to aggravate those who complain.

Some of his dark scenarios, particularly in the first quarter of his video 'Spongebob discovers another dimension within himself', contain some disturbing, yet brief material that is of least concern. In one of his more popular videos, 'Spongebob gets crucified by angry 90's kids kids (what's that anime? lain)', there is a scene from Elfin Lied where a puppy is violently beat to death with a vase (the man killing the dog is supposed to be Jeffrey Dahmer). Several offended users posted negative comments and threatened to flag the video. Link took these threats as a pinch of salt, even replying to one of them proclaiming "uh oh...looks like link is in trouble again!"

Latter Years

What in the blue hell was I fucking thinking, supporting some sick and cruel wiki vandal user!? I don't want people to be forced to dislike something because they say it's bad, it's just wrong. I don't wanna even go deeper into this YTP drama bullshit. No. Just no.

I'll just make up with this edit with something okay? Here's a LOD reup.


  • Trolls
  • People who take his jokes far too seriously
  • Being compared to other poopers
  • A Link to the Past
  • That Hedgehog