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Syrian Games

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Name: Syrian Games
Country of Origin: Syria
Type of Source: Game Company
Created By: Syrian Games
Year Created: 2012


Syrian Games is a company that 'produces' games. In reality, they are just games that have a few mods added into them to bypass copyright laws. Syrian Games haves no original games of their own, and have no skills when it comes to editing images.

Media Information[edit]

  • Type of Source:Game Producer
  • Creators:Syrian Games
  • Dates:2012-2013
  • Country of Origin:Syria



Boxarts are used across the internet as jokes.

Liked by[edit]

  • Non-English speaking pirates.

Disliked by[edit]

Further information[edit]

The Syrian Games website tends to go down alot, and anyone who visits the site is likely to die of AIDS.


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Hello Youchew Pooper, my name Abdul Akbar. I have son named Mohammed and freind named Rashim. We work for the Syrian Gamers, EXTREM YMAES FOR YOU! They fun, muslm freindly games for everyone, and we notice you lie amd talk about Syraun Games, so i though this be fun community!

Abdul Akbar-Syrian Gamer Abdul Akbar-Syrian Gamer

Oh heavens, I not realize situation this bad! I have to help the sinners!


  • The admins of Syrian Games once tried to invade YouChew. It didn't go well.
  • Their boxart is legendary.
  • Nothing they make is good.


Box Art[edit]