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The Boondocks

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I am the stone that the builder refused, I am the visual, the inspiration that made ladies sing the blues, I am the spark that makes your idea bright, the same spark that lights the dark so that you can know your left from your right, I am the ballot in your box, the bullet in your gun, the inner glow that lets you know to call your brother "son", the story that's just begun, the promise of what's to come, and I'mma remain a soldier 'til the war is won!
Name: The Boondocks
Country of Origin: USA
Type of Source: Cartoon
Created By: Aaron McGruder
Year Created: 2005


Judo Flip, chop chop chop

A show centered around the Freeman family (consisting of Huey Freeman, Riley Freeman and Robert Freeman) and the misadventures they embark on. This show is well known for being highly controversial and having an absurd amount of racial humor, most prominently against black people. And if that wasn't enough, the word nigga is used in huge amounts in almost every episode (excluding the episode "The Itis"). However, it's also a very raunchy show in general (comparable to South Park); graphic violence, sexual situations, and some REALLY foul language often occurs in the series. Though hey, it's an Adult Swim show; that's to be expected. Oh yeah, and the show sports an anime look that looks pretty damn awesome.WWWWWAAAAASSSSSSSSS GOOD NIGKUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The show currently has 3 seasons, which people at Youchew highly suggest checking out; despite how brutal the show's content can be at times, it's well worth watching... if only just for seeing niggas spout a bunch of silly political and controversial bullshit.

"God DAMN I want a fourth season so badly" - zacheatscrackers


  • Huey Freeman - The domestic terrorist.
  • Riley Freeman - The ultimate stereotype of black ghetto niggas.
  • Robert Jebediah Freeman - Referred to commonly as Granddad by his grandkids. Is often pissed at the actions of his nigga grandchildren.
  • Ed Wuncler Sr. - An old white man who secretly works for the Illuminati. Is gay (nah jk).
  • Ed Wuncler III - A former soldier. Somewhat mentally disturbed.
  • Gin Rummy - In disguise, he's really Samuel L. Motherfuckin' Jackson. Also Ed III's best friend.
  • Uncle Ruckus - Hates the fuck out of almost every single black person. Ironically, he's a black person himself.
  • Tom Dubois - Despite being black, he's practically a fucking white person because of his personality.
  • Sarah Dubois - Sexually frustrated; all he wants is to fuck his husband. But nope, he too much of a pussy.
  • Jasmine Dubois - Tries to live a naive life as a child, but Huey's incredible pessimism pretty much prevents that.
  • Gangstalicious - A gay-ass rappa.
  • Thugnificent - The not gay rappa who went bankrupt during season 3 and is now trying to make a living in this world like normal, non-celebrity people would.
  • A Pimp Named Slinkback - Fuck, I don't even know about this guy. But he's still awesome!
  • Leonard - One of Thugnificent's niggas.

Further Information[edit]

{{#ev:youtube|1buC21vrBfM|320}}One of the many fight scenes.
  • It was a comic strip found in some Maryland newspapers before it became the raunchy-as-fuck TV Show it is today.
  • The show tends to have a TON of action; expect some blood n' gore and all that.
  • It uses the word nigga at an amazing rate. Not joking.
  • One time, the comic strip was switched to a pro-patriot comic strip because of 9/11. Basically, it was sort of a parody of what America was going through at that time or something like that.
  • The show's only loosely based on the strip. The strip's content wasn't nearly as raunchy as the show's is.

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