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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

In brief[edit]

n00neimp0rtant is casual pooper, college student (more like lollege amirite), lives in Pennsylvania, and is coincidentally not Phillip Banks. He was recently suspended for an invigorating, citrusy, low-calorie nine months, but got his account back recently and plans on making new content soon. His poops stand somewhere between old-style and new-style, making use of explosions, sauce jokes, and making people look like their fucking while staying centric around the art of distortion, genuine wholesome copyright infringement, and peace that the community strives four.


Just like LITERALLY EVERY-FUCKING-ONE else in the YTP scene, n00neimp0rtant owes his discovery of Poop to casually searching for videos of Sonic music or Brawl hacks or some video game shit like that, though it actually was not him who discovered it. His sister found a few of these "poops" searching for that stuff on YouTube, and for a few weeks, they had believed that "YouTube Poop" was some sort of weird video series done by one guy, or at most, a few people working together. After some internet searches of the term, a whole new realm of unhealthy humor flowed like sweet honey and milk throughout his veins. He put his Walkman on and said he might as well "kick it."

Our hero made videos from May 2008 to December 2009, only to get his account suspended for uploading some homemade concert footage of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra playing music from Sonic 1. Which is really kind of a dick move, considering ANOTHER YouTube video of the SAME Sonic music arrangement was what convinced me him to go see it in the first place so it was only making them money but I mean whatever. But one day a magical British walrus named hozkinzpoop informed him of an ancient prophecy known as "fair use." A counterclaim was filed against some leaked Sonic 4 footage (cuz sega don't care anymore lul), and after hearing from them in a munf, send Link he received his account, videos, and all dem bitches back.

First poop seen[edit]

"YouTube Poop - Wet Mario"

First poop made[edit]



Preferred Sources[edit]

  • AoStH
  • Fresh Prince
  • Billo
  • Viral videos

Preferred Methods[edit]

Preferred Software[edit]

  • Sony Vegas
  • Flash (very very seldom, only for minor gfx like laser beam at 2:04 in 2008 Christmas special)


  • Explosions
  • Sonic
  • Robotnik
  • hozkinzpoop
  • Those clips that are reversed at *just* the right spot
  • Taco Bell
  • Apple shit


  • Dinner-Spaghetti poop
  • Almost every YTPMV (they're all so terrible)
  • Poops of ridiculous anime that no one but you and your internet weeaboo friends have ever heard of
  • Extreme speed (too fast to make any jokes/too slow to be funny)



Explosions are fucking awesome and you will laugh at them


Made less than 20 poops in over a year and a half and still somehow got over 1000 subs


In Real Life[edit]

  • KroboProductions (ok maybe not but he lives near me :3)


  • Geardawg
  • milesaaway
  • Hozkinz
  • McMaNGOS


  • Temeku
  • KroboProductions
  • quax94
  • Wekwa
  • MeiAIDS



n00neimp0rtant doesn't suck, so he has an app on the iTunes App Store, Nearby



This used to be funny, now it's just old




This is from a tennis round


Another round


I like explosions, get over it

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