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Virginia is a state in the United States, and one of the original 13 colonies of the United Kingdom. Due to its status, it is known as the "Old Dominion" state.

During the American Civil War, it sided with the Confederacy, and was the sight of several battles.

People from Virginia[edit]

Poopers from Virginia[edit]


  • Is known for growing tobacco.
  • West Virginia used to be a part of it, until they separated in 1863.
  • Is the location of the Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery.
  • Is also the location of the largest Navy base in the world: Naval Station Norfolk.
  • Is for lovers.
  • Is also known as "The birthplace of a nation" and the "Internet capital of the world".
    • To clarify, about 70% of the world's internet traffic runs through Loudoun county, which is near Washington, D.C. Both Loudoun and Fairfax counties are also home to many technology companies, mostly centered around Dulles Airport.