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The seal of California. All it needs is a surfboard.

California is, like, a totally gnarly state in the bodacious United States of America! What, with cities like, like, San Francisco and Los Angeles, and cool places like Disneyland and the movie-making capital Hollywood, all you dudes better boogie on down to the pop-culture capital of the world, Dude!

One of their former governors is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Excellent!!

Dudes Who Live In California[edit]

Dudes Born In California[edit]

Other Information[edit]

{{#ev:youtube|8pBi69gqVO0|320}}Ron Burgundy's thoughts on San Diego.
  • That dude from The Wizard, like, totally wants to go to "California", dude!
  • It's radically hot in California.
  • The history of this attitude-ical state will be given in a future edition of Twilight.
  • Prinny totally ripped them off, dood.
  • Dude! That dude just duded our dudeboards a few dudes ago!
  • Californians do not consistently prefer communication in the '80s-reminiscent "surfer manner" you outsiders pin on them.
  • They sure do own a lot of sports teams around here, dude.
  • Totally known for gold, and the bodacious Gold Rush of 1849.
  • We're also multiple champions here! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Whatever you do, don't live in Santa Destroy. It's not a cool place to live in, man.
  • To the late and great George Carlin, fucking yourself would become "California style"...Duuude.
  • You totally want to be careful of the earthquakes, dude.