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The beautiful Philadelphia skyline.
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Independence Hall, where both the Declaration of Independence was signed and where the Constitution was ratified.

Philadelphia is a city in Pennsylvania that is home to many delicious foods, as well as Rocky Balboa, Will Smith, and SuperYoshi. It is located across the Delaware River from the Coney Island Disco Palace, which is in nearby Camden, New Jersey.

More importantly, Philadelphia is the birthplace of the United States of America, and is where both the Declaration of Independence was signed, and where the US Constitution was ratified, in addition to the city's service as the nation's first national capital, prior to Washington DC.

Notable Residents (Including residents of suburbs)


Philadelphia was founded in 1682 by William Penn, as the capital of the British Pennsylvania colony. During colonial times, Philadelphia grew rapidly, becoming the largest city in the British colonies of North America, and even the 2nd largest city in the entire British Empire, next to London itself.

During the American Revolution, Philadelphia served as a provisional capital of the American colonies, with the Continental Congress run out of the Pennsylvania State House, now known as Independence Hall. In 1776, the 2nd Continental Congress ratified the Declaration of Independence in Independence Hall, declaring the Colonies' independence from the United Kingdom. However, during the war, the city was captured by the British Army, causing the relocation of the Continental Congress to nearby York, PA. The city was eventually recaptured.

After the American Revolution, Philadelphia was made the temporary capital of the fledgling United States, until 1800, when the capital was moved to Washington DC. Durings its tenure as the national capital, Philadelphia saw the ratification of the United States Constitution in 1787, which replaced the Articles of Confederation as the "supreme law of the land", establishing various rights of the American people.

Throughout the 19th century, Philadelphia grew as an industrial centre, with many factories and industries building up in the city, from shipyards, to various railway industries, steelmills, and the like. As a result, the population also grew, as immigrants flocked to the city, largely from Russia and Eastern Europe, as well as Italy. In addition, many Southern African Americans moved from the south to Philadelphia. The city remained this industrialisation well in to the 20th century.

In the '50s, with industrial restructuring and suburbanisation, Philadelphia began to shrink, as residents moved from the city to suburbs and other states. This trend continued up until the late '70s, when residents began to move back as gentrification began to take place, a trend that continues today.

Today, the city is a thriving and growing city, that is commonly ranked as one of the best cities in the United States in polls.


Philadelphia is home to a wide variety of foods that range from Philly originals to foods from around the world.

The most famous item of Philadelphia cuisine is, of course, the Philly Cheesesteak, which are always and forever good. A cheesesteak is a steak sandvich on an Amoroso roll topped with chopped onions and either Provolone, American, or mozzarella (if part of a pizza steak) cheeses or cheez-wiz. The 2 most famous places that serve cheesesteaks in Philadelphia are Pat's King of Steaks (the inventor of the cheesesteak), and the nearby Geno's Steaks.

Another popular component of Philadelphia cuisine is the hoagie sandvich, which is a long sandvich stuffed with various Italian meats, cheeses, and vegetables. The history of this sandvich is debated, but is is said to have been invented by Italian-American workers in Philadelphia's shipyards during World War II.


  • The founder of Youtube Poop, SuperYoshi, is from Bucks County, PA, the county just north of Philadelphia.
    • So therefore, the Philadelphia metropolitan area can be considered the birthplace of Youtube Poop.
    • Speaking of food, Philadelphia is also a cheese (though it is commonly called "Cream Cheese").
  • Of the 64 existing cities, it is the greatest.
  • It is home to many boxers, notably Rocky Balboa and Mr. Sandman.
  • If you talk shit about Philly, you will certainly get your arse kicked, probably by one of the two boxers mentioned above (Which are Rocky Balboa and Mr. Sandman in case you already forgot.).
  • The Bicentennial celebrations mostly occured in Philadelphia.
  • King Harkinian likes to eat dinner in Philadelphia.
  • The first ever Independence Day was celebrated here.
  • Allen Iverson once believed that he's the franchise player for the Philadelphia 76ers.
    • Speaking of which, that team used to own the worst NBA record of all time with a 9-73 record during the '70s. This record, however, was recently smashed by Michael Jordan's Charlotte Bobcats, with a record of 7-59.
  • It is always sunny there.
  • Philadelphia is the 5th most populated city in the United States.
  • One time, Philadelphia apparently got itself a really bad infestation (probably involving Parasprites or something like that). Thankfully, Princess Celestia went and saved the city.
  • They hold the largest money manufacturer in the entire world. They make $23,000,000 in pennies alone daily, which is more than what some countries make yearly.
  • Are the current Super Bowl champions, having beaten the New England Patriots.