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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

NKpower, otherwise known as NK and NKPower with a capital P, is a YTPer who started in March 2014. He is perhaps well known for making YTPs on children's cartoons and shows mainly from his country (United Kingdom), and still makes them today.


Back in 2007, NK's brother introduced him into YTPs on the family computer. The first YTP he recalls remembering was a CD-i poop, which was a small 12 second video on King Harkinian and Link playing as the Chocolate Guy and SpongeBob from the famous scene of SpongeBob SquarePants.

The (Near Complete) History of NK[edit]

When the old computer broke, NK's family have received a new iMac, which had iMovie built into it. His brother showed him the software and he was interested into it. He experimented making movies by using scenes from Horrid Henry, a cartoon he watched a lot back then, and was even planning on making a YT channel in 2013. Eventually he did, but the channel's videos were so poorly done he never even liked them and thought about leaving the YTP community and deleting his channel.


In March 2014, after getting more inspiration from YTPs, he had made a new ‘’channel, titled 'UltraNekoFTW7'. The first poop he made on the channel was a ‘’Horrid Henry one, and needless to say it was a hit with viewers. Unlike what he does today, he rarely uploaded throughout 2014. In late December of that same year, however, NK's brother introduces him to Final Cut Express 4 and asks if he wants it for Christmas (which he said "yes"). In 2015, he made his first FCE4 poop which was a ‘’Postman Pat’’ one. It attracted more attention for his viewers and started to get well known more. The first YTP Collab he joined was a ‘’Horrid Henry’’ one, hosted by an all-time fan of his. This inspired him to create his own ‘’Horrid Henry’’ Collab (which barely had any views).

On September 2015, he joined YouChew with quite of a naive start. He rarely went on it until the start of 2016, which was when he met and befriended new poopers there. 2016 was pretty big for him, which included his videos getting more well known, having his ‘’Peppa Pig’’ poops reacted, and a massive improvement in his poops. In May of that same year, NK had received 1K subscribers, and it marked the release of his first subscriber special YTP, based on both ‘’ChuckleVision’’ and ‘’Horrid Henry’’.


On January 2017, he reached a new milestone: 5K subscribers. This led him to release a Punch Out!! YTP, taking inspirations from TimoteiLSD, a favourite pooper of his. The year also marked the release of Robbie Rotten Goes To Pizza Hut, which is currently his favourite YTP he made by himself. On June, he had reached another milestone: 10K subscribers. In response to the goal, he has created a YTP based on the ‘’Horrid Henry’’ Movie. On October, NK has begun his hiatus and released what could not be his last YTP; The Definition of Nonsensical Krap, a multisource YTP. This marks the first time he has gone on a hiatus after a while, leading to no new uploads from him until the hiatus is done... or maybe not.

On January 2018, he had made what he considers as a comeback to making YTPs with a Mechanick YTP. After producing this, his YTP style had noticeably changed (in his point of view anyways) with the release of M&Maggedon, a YTP based on random advertisements on the confectionary M&M’s.

His YTP History[edit]

Year One: The Beginning[edit]

2014 marks the beginning of the YTPs. Unlike the other years, NK’s YTPs were made on iMovie and were only released in certain months. The first YTP NK made starts off with a long story arc about Horrid Henry; the first part of this arc begins with the titular character getting freaked out over food, including “revolting-coli”, “mushy mush”, poison, and– “WHAT’S THAT?” Upon saying this, an explosion comes out of nowhere, thus him receiving hospital treatment. To him, this means that he has a chance to go to the “packed lunch room”, and then persuades his mother for a muffin, which he is refused for one. The next stories of Henry featured him going to his school fair in the hope of receiving a copy of “Dalmatians 3” so that no one is special, and another one featuring him ruining his brother’s birthday by embarrassing a clown who can make his head explode.

This year marked the first appearence of Big Cook Ben and Little Cook Small, two recurring characters in many of NK’s videos.

Year Two: The Final Cuttings and the Rising of the Poops[edit]

2015 was considerately different compared with the previous year, as the editing software NK used has been changed from iMovie to Final Cut, and more videos by him were being made. The first YTP of this year starred Postman Pat running a “JoJ Swap” day, with a few disastrous results. These include Pat beating up a sheep, and Ted Glen’s cups of “tea tea tea” making the citizens of Greendale’s faces deformed. Aside from this, this year also marked the continuation and conclusion of the Horrid Henry arc, ending with him being sent to a camp.

Year Three: The WarioWare Scare and the Rising Popularity[edit]

2016 was noted for being different to the last one when it was first made. This year featured a remarkably unique change in style. This was seen as being too fast paced and rather seizure inducing. Many viewers were not pleased with this, so as a result, NK reverted to his older, steady paced style. Many people consider this year to introduce the best known YTP of his, Peppa Pig has a Malfunctioning Misadventure with a Duck, which involved the titular character (and a duck) on a journey to find her golden “boob” to do the dew. The year was also noted for creating a trend in WarioWare styled parodies, which a majority of people still create today (with most being rather mediocre). This also resulted in a YTP Collab being dedicated to this, although it was rather critical.

This year is perhaps best known for the introduction of the ‘’Lazy Town’’ YTPs ever since the famous “We Are Number One” meme became a thing.

Year Four: The “Hi-ate-us”[edit]

2017 marks the year where NK released many of his favourite YTPs (well according to him anyways). It has also marked some of his most popular videos being produced, all featuring some of his favourite sources to use. This season is also noted for popularising the Pingu YTPs, and eruptively ended on October due to a hiatus NK made. This had led to the release of The Definition of Nonsensical Krap, a multi source YTP that takes inspiration from many YTPs that have an insane style. This YTP became one of his most critically acclaimed YTPs he has made by many viewers, most likely due to the fact that it endorsed a fast paced style that became more apparent in his 2018 videos.

Year Five: The Return[edit]

This ongoing year had marked the return of the YTPs, kicking off with a YTP based on an obscure source titled Mechanick. After producing this, NK had attempted to change his style by releasing one of his personal favourite YTPs; M&Maggedon. Unlike most of his previous YTPs, this video was less plot driven and more fast paced, in which they became more apparent in many of his future videos.


  • YTPs (well what do you expect?).
  • Games (both video and board).
  • Cats.
  • Jam.
  • British media.
  • Animation (usually involving stop-motion).
  • Drawing and painting.
  • Comics, webcomics, and comic strips.
  • Ambient, chiptune, classical, electronica, shoegaze, dream pop, indie, and techno music (favourites include Aphex Twin, My Bloody Valentine, Stereolab, etc).
  • DeviantArt (sometimes).
  • Things made in the 90s/early 2000s.
  • Technology throughout the years.
  • Neon designs.
  • Going out.
  • Obscure media.
  • Anti humour/satire.


  • Sudden dislike spam on random YouTube videos.
  • YouTube comments.
  • A lot of memes.
  • People who steal YTPs and his ideas (especially those who say they were "inspired" from him when they took the same joke from him).
  • Many fandoms, including MLP, Undertale, Sonic, etc.
  • MLG jokes being used in YTPs (very occasionally).
  • YTPs that rely heavily on spamming as much effects as possible (sometimes).
  • # Second YTP Collabs (they're pretty much overrated).
  • Irritating weird people.
  • Immature 10 year olds on the internet.
  • Reality shows.
  • Sickening songs.
  • Reaction channels.


NK's style in a nutshell can be described as this: It is fairly fast paced, usually filled with stutter loops, a touch of sentence mixing, a little bit of masking, and forward/reversing clips (which usually avoid the "dreaded" SoS jokes), as well as a hint of short clips with heavy effects (3D, flashing lights, you name what you see). Also, he applies split screen Easter Eggs to make viewers pause the video, and the use of people getting injured because "it's funny" according to him. Did I mention that he doesn't use plugins?

Hosted YTP Collabs[edit]

  • The “Hurrid Horny” YTP Collab.
  • The VHS YTP Collab.
  • The WarioWare YTP Collab (deleted).
  • The Video Game BIOs YTP Collab.
  • The Pingu YTP Collab.
  • The British Comedy YTP Collab.

Favourite Sources[edit]

Favourite Gags[edit]

  • Video Game references.
  • YTPMV's on video games THAT AREN'T the first few notes on the Super Mario theme.
  • Bloody humour.
  • Sad moments.
  • Screaming and distorted sound effects.
  • Explosions.
  • This song playing through a montage.
  • Tech Text.
  • Easter eggs.
  • Freeze frame bonuses.
  • Story elements.


  • Over 10,000 subscribers and 3,200,000 views since March 2014.
  • Hit 100 subscribers on May 2015, and then one year later, he has hit 1,000 subscribers, and then another year later he reached 10,000.
  • Has had a video featured on IHE, although it could either be a good thing or a bad thing.
  • Popularised WarioWare styled YTPs.
  • Four YTPs of his (Little Mac unsubscribes to Nintendo Fun Club and gets beaten by a Infuriated Irishman, Peppa Pig's Annual Pansexual Cake Flipping Competition of 2017, M&Mageddon, and Ajay Singlehandedly Sacrifices Himself With The Power of Milk) have been featured in YouChew's Reccomended Poop of the Month.
  • Won 3rd in YouChew's Best of 2016 for category Best YouTube Pooper, and went 2nd for that same category in 2017’s edition.
  • In September 2017, his most popular YTP (Peppa Pig has a Malfunctioning Misadventure with a Duck) became his first video to hit the one million views mark.


Fans (add yourself here if you like!)[edit]


  • Some of the thumbnails for the YTPs he made were created on Sketchbook Express on his iPad.
  • The name of the channel was originally "BallisticBiscuit", with the avatar looking like the angry face symbol from Newgrounds. Also, he had gone a few name changes, from UltraNeko3000 before settling on NKpower.
    • N and K are his favourite letters of the alphabet, and it's just the word "Neko" without the "E" and "O". However, people ask him what NK actually means and gives him some possible answers, in which he always replies "it's a secret".
  • He likes reading comic strips, like "Calvin & Hobbes".
  • The little avatar he has comes from an OC he created, named "Poison", an orange and dark grey striped cat based on his real cats. The inspiration for this avatar came from a bunch of old Flipnote Hatena videos.
    • Previously before Poison became the avatar, he has made another OC, with this one being a blue sphere with arms and legs with a yellow spiky haircut named "Kappa". This was later retired due to the design being dull.
  • Despite the dark humour, his poops are pretty clean and usually avoids sex and offensive jokes.
  • Currently owns the best DS game according to Metacritic: Cory in the House.