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Jimmy Davis

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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

In Brief[edit]

A (comparatively) clean YTPer known mostly for his VeggieTales and CD-i YTPs.


Jimmy first started using YouTube when his parents (finally) upgraded their internet from a dial-up connection to high-speed back in mid-2008. Somewhere during either late 2008 or early 2009 was when he accidentally stumbled across YouTube Poops. Although the videos didn't leave much of an immediate impact (he really only watched about a dozen of them within the next 4 or 5 years), they were inspiration enough for him to make a simplistic audio-only mashup of two different songs which he titled youtube poop and later remade as youtube poop 2010 (although neither one ever made it to YouTube, Jimmy later remade the 2010 version for his video compilation My Unfinished & Unreleased YTPs). In early 2012 Jimmy's parents moved out of the house to live in North Dakota while his dad worked in the oil fields. During their time away, Jimmy's younger brother rediscovered YouTube Poops and shared them with Jimmy. Jimmy's brother soon started his own YTP channel (aGuyThatLovesPooping), but Jimmy was still hesitant to join due to concerns of copyright. Despite these concerns, Jimmy did eventually make a short CD-i YTP titled The King Comes Out of the Closet and uploaded it to his YouTube channel, but decided to remove it within a week (although he included it in the previously mentioned video compilation My Unfinished & Unreleased YTPs). Originally, Jimmy tried to convince his brother to let him share his YTP channel between the two of them, but aGuyThatLovesPooping refused and insisted that Jimmy just start his own. During late 2014, aGuyThatLovesPooping made an entry to a VeggieTales YTP collab hosted by YoungJay97 and showed it to Jimmy. After watching this YTP and being inspired to make his own entry, Jimmy finally caved and decided to start up a YouTube Poop channel that he called Jimmy Davis (a name taken from a character that he created as a 15-year-old). He made and uploaded his first official YTP called Junior's Traumatizing Home Invasion Experience. Although Jimmy now thinks of this Poop as mediocre at best, the video immediately began gaining video views in the thousands (surpassing 10k in just 3 months) and is currently his fourth most viewed video.

First poop seen[edit]

Either Squidward Knows What the People Want [1] by TheBigL1 or Mario and Luigi Travel Through Time Part 1 [2] by WalrusGuy

First poop made[edit]

Prior to starting a YouTube Poop channel: The King Comes Out of the Closet

After starting a YouTube Poop channel: Junior's Traumatizing Home Invasion Experience [3]


Jimmy Davis is probably best known for his sentence mixing (which he believes people tend to be far too over complimentary of).

Despite being known mostly for his sentence mixing, Jimmy likes to constantly try new things (for better or worse). Although his poops don't vary too much from one to the next, his style has notably changed over time. The most significant of his changes is that he's loosened up on his hatred of ear rape (he still doesn't really use it, but he now believes that any poopism can be used in a funny/entertaining way).

Jimmy also tends to enjoy adding either sequences of jokes/references that are incredibly fast-paced and hard to follow, or scenes that are slow and unsettling.

He's also a huge fan of breaking the fourth wall, usually by inserting himself into the video only to have himself injured/killed (which he's received some minor amount of criticism for).

Preferred sources[edit]

Preferred Methods[edit]

Preferred Software[edit]

  • Vegas Movie HD Platinum 11
  • GIMP 2
  • Blender
  • MS Paint


  • Strange/unique YTPs
  • YTPs with plenty of variety
  • Gravity Falls
  • Regular Show
  • The Walking Dead
  • Nintendo
  • Basically any "guilty pleasure" song that everyone stopped listening to years ago
  • Awful movies
  • Pretty much every kind of food (which is probably why he's so fat)


  • Pointless/excessive Ear Rape
  • Unwarranted negativity
  • People who either take YTP too seriously, or think of it as nothing more than mindless shitposting (there's a good balance somewhere in the middle)
  • YTPers who refuse to acknowledge their fans
  • When people ask "When will you make another YTP?" literally hours after a new YTP was just uploaded
  • Horrible fanbases (i.e., basically every fanbase ever)
  • People who hate something completely based on how horrible the fanbase is
  • Pineapple on pizza (it's not food, it's a mistake)


Some people have mentioned that his habit of inserting himself into his own videos comes off as "selfish" and "desperate for attention". He's also received an oddly specific complaint that his videos are too inoffensive, while simultaneously being criticized by other more sensitive viewers for being too offensive. He's also been criticized for overusing Michael Rosen in cameo roles (which Jimmy had initially intended to be a running gag throughout all of his YTPs).


In alphabetical order:


Prior to starting his channel:

  • DaThings1
  • hoffy1138
  • Trudermark
  • WalrusGuy

After Starting his channel:


  • The majority of the people who are subscribed to him


  • His YTP Zelda CD-i: Revisited made the number one spot on EmpLemon's Top 25 Favorite YTPs of 2015
  • He has somehow managed to surpass 10,000 subscribers and gain 2.5 million video views
  • YouTube gamer SpaceHamster saw and liked Jimmy's YTP that used one of SpaceHamster's videos as the main source
  • PeanutButterGamer Tweeted at him and NPCarlsson saying that he enjoyed their YTP Tennis based around his videos
  • Video game composer Grant Kirkhope has apparently seen his YTP of the DK Rap


  • He has a younger brother who goes by aGuyThatLovesPooping on YouTube
  • Being a janitor, he is nocturnal
  • Prior to making YouTube Poops, he made poorly written and performed parody songs. One of his unfinished songs would have been "YouTube Poop", a parody of Black Eyed Peas "Boom Boom Pow". The whole song would've been made to mock YTPs and the people who make and enjoy them
  • He seems to oddly enjoy wasting his time writing a bio about himself in the third person for a mostly obscure website that likely nobody will ever see.


YouTube channel [4]

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Twitter [5]