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Drake & Josh

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Name: Drake & Josh
Country of Origin: USA
Type of Source: Live Action Sitcom
Created By: Nickelodeon
Year Created: 2004

Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 57 (+2 TV Films)
Year Ended: 2008


Drake & Josh is an American sitcom shown on the Nickelodeon television network, which starred Drake Bell and Josh Peck. Both stars had already played roles in The Amanda Show, as had Nancy Sullivan, who played their mother in the show. Jonathan Goldstein played their father, and Miranda Cosgrove played their little annoying, devilish sister.

The show is liked by much of the Youtube Poop community and is generally seen as one of the best teen sitcoms ever made.

Drake and Josh on the set.


Drake Parker (Daraku Parkuh)[edit]

Drake is a rather dim-witted teenager on the show, and is known to ask stupid questions such as "How does one ejaculate?" and "Where's Waldo/Dildo?". King Harkinian and Drake recently were seen together raping a building. He is also the brother of more annoying Josh and Megan.

Josh Nichols (Jush Nickulls)[edit]

The brother of Drake and Megan's brother. Later on, he would then date the bitch for no apparent reason. First becoming evident in the first episode of Season 3, he loses weight during later seasons to be a better role model. In the first couple seasons, he is rather zany, but gets more serious and sarcastic in the later seasons.

Megan Parker (Satan)[edit]

Megan is Drake's sister and Josh's step sister, and is possibly the meanest character in the show. Some say that one day, she murdered everyone in her family, changed her name to Carly Shay, and then moved to Seattle, Washington to make iCarly a reality. This theory has proof, as in one episode of iCarly, Drake walks in and asks "Megan" where Josh is.

Walter Nichols (Sweaty Weatherman)[edit]

Like Oogtar, nobody likes him (except his wife, duh). He is very allergic to Cumin as seen in "The Affair", and enjoys getting drunk with the king very often and goes clubbing.

Audrey Parker Nichols (The Mom No One Gives a Fuck About)[edit]

Audrey is the mother of Drake and Megan and the stepmother of Josh. She is usually telling the boys to try not to be so bad.

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Further Information[edit]

  • Had two TV movies: "Drake & Josh Go Hollywood" (Drake & Josh search for Megan in Hollywood and are taken hostage by mobsters) and "Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh" (the series finale)

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