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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Oldgeezer.png This pooper is Retired. Respect your elders, sonny!

In Brief

TimoteiLSD is a retired pooper from Finland. He is known for his recurring gags in his poops. His poops often stand out from other YTPs for being unique with his use of sources or jokes that are not often used by other poopers. Occasionally, he incorporates his own custom animations into his poops. He has also been known for using his own voice in poops or dubbing over a source such as Hotel Mario, notably he uses a sound clip of him going: "Uhhhhhhhh" from his video They could've been worse - Re-dub compilation (it appears at 2:10). Another recurring gag in his poops in mentioning an animation he created in 2011 titled ""Nyan Ho".


Timotei is a Finnish word that means timothy and it stems from his elementary years during English classes because his "English name" there was Timothy, which could easily turn into Timotei. It's a big of a shout out to his days of youth. His first name on YouTube was TimoteiLOL, and then TimoteiAIDS, and finally TimoteiLSD. The basis was always Timotei, and some funny abbreviation.

First poop ever scene

a multi source poop with the Johnny Bravo/Scooby Doo crossover episode and the Super Mario World cartoon

Most well known poop

I accidentally Hotel Mario


Nyan Ho

Nyan Ho was an animation Timotei made back in July 2011. The video is a Nyan Cat parody showing The meme's parents, Lulubelle Nyanette Cheshire and Barry “Cherry” Popper, having sex for 10 minutes straight. It basically implies that it was how the NC was created. It was then taken down surprisingly fast, due to the combined facts of it showing a pop tart and an Anthropomorphic cat having sexual intercourse and Timotei (at the time) being below the legal age of 18. It was later re-uploaded by CandiceAniseCakerton on March 6, 2012 and as of 7/3/16 has reached 31,000 views.



TimoteiLSD announced his unofficial retirement on Apr 9, 2014. He decided to leave due to being more interested in his other hobbies and lacking time and inspiration to make YTP's. He also was starting to get frustrated with how YouTube as a website was changing over the years with it's disfuctional copyright system and requiring users to have a google plus account. Timotei has said there is a chance he may come back (which is why he is on unofficial retirement) and do one more Professor Layton poop. However, it is a very small chance that he will at this point. Timotei also finished off his pooping career with a guest appearance on YouTube Poop News where he was interviewed by Stuart K Reilly. In the description of his retirement Video, he had this to say: "As I have to keep my life in a balance that keeps me stable and satisfied with the things I spend time on, I am now retiring from producing YouTube material. I call this 'unofficial', because there's a small chance of me maybe doing something at some future point (just don't count on it). I'm also not going to delete my account, since I still want to easily access my favourites and let you people re-watch my stuff however you wish. However, this does mean that I won't be properly active here and I also won't check on my messages, so don't try to contact me through YouTube. I am still going to be active through my Tumblr: But this is just for the people who are interested in my other things. If you've solely followed me for the sake of my YouTube Poops, then this is the end of the line, I reckon. Thanks again, everyone".



Preferred Sources

Recurring Jokes

  • custom animations
  • Hitmonchan screaming
  • High Pitched Howie Long Scream
  • A clip of him going: "Uhhhhhhhh......"
  • Bo Selecta
  • Nyan Ho
  • YTPMV of a Circus Theme
  • an ear raped, dragged out version of King Harkinian's laugh


Other Hobbies and interests

  • Drawing…a lot
  • Animation
  • Acting and voice acting (He's part of a hobbyist theater)
  • Reading
  • Exercising
  • Singing and going to karaoke bars with friends