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Name: ChuckleVision
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Year Created: 1987


ChuckleVision was a long-running British kids TV show made by the CBBC, and it premiered in 1987 and ended in late 2009. The show stars Paul and Barry Eliot as The Chuckle Brothers, where they would be given a simple task like running a restaurant, washing a car, being a PSCO, etc. The two screw up and they have to fix it. However, by trying to fix it, the two screw it up even more. The two usually always failed their goal and bad events happen to them.

Sometimes, the writers try to mix it up by having the two get captured by aliens or one of them finding an old leprechaun that no one else can see that annoys him until someone else says his name, seriously.

A lot of the time they piss off a man with anger issues called No Slacking, who usually gives the two there tasks they screw up later on in the episode.

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Paul and Barry need a new clock (Not on Youtube Due to Maker Being Suspended)

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Katanasoul inspired many Poopers to use ChuckleVision as a Source.

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