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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Newmoderatorimagethatwillhopefullysatisifypeoplethistime.png  Paperking99 is a moderator for the YTPMania forums.

In Brief

Paperking99 is a semi popular YTPer, who's been making YTPs since July 2015. His poops are usually fast paced, with lots of effects, and a few jokes every once in a while.


Paperking first found YTP in the Summer of 2012. He was searching YouTube for some Weegee videos, because at the time, he was interested in Weegee. He then found Hurricoaster's "The Haunted Hotel Of Weegee" in the search results. Out of curiosity, he decided to watch it, and he found himself laughing throughout the entire thing. He has since been watching many YTPs, mostly from well known YTPers.

It wasn't until mid 2015, when Paperking received Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13 for his 16th birthday, and made his first YTP. It was an entry for the 5th Thomas The Tank Engine Collab, hosted by QuinnDoesItAll. When he was working on his first poop, he had no skills in video editing software whatsoever, so he just put some random shit together, just to see what would happen. In August 2015, Paperking reached 50 subscribers, and he made a 50 subscriber special. His 50 subscriber special got him a lot of attention, and gave him a sudden boost in subscribers. To this day, it is his most viewed video, with over 260,000 views and counting. Paperking later switched to Sony Vegas 13 in November 2015.

In 2016, Paperking reached 1,000 subscribers, and he made a 1,000 subscriber special, which had a different editing style, and a lot more effort compared to his previous videos. It got him more attention, and some his inspirations watched it. He made lots more friends during this year, and gained a lot more subscribers. Today, Paperking is still making YTPs of what interests him, while making friends along the way.

In November 2017, Paperking received an email from the vice president of eOne, the company that owns Peppa Pig, and they forced Paperking to remove his Peppa Pig poops. The same day Paperking received the email, Paperking announced that he would no longer be making Peppa Pig poops due to copyright.

In February 2019, Paperking decided that Wow Wow Wubbzy would be his go-to source for YTPs.

First poop seen

[1] Youtube Poop: The Haunted Hotel of Weegee

First poop made

[2] YTP: Thomas is a Weird Engine


Usually fast paced/trippy, with lots of effects, and a few jokes thrown in.

Preferred Sources

Preferred Software

Sony Vegas 13 (with BCC9, Genarts Sapphire, Hitfilm and Red Giant Universe plugins), Adobe After Effects, Audacity (rarely), IL Vocodex (Demo) and Avidemux 2.5 (for datamoshing)


  • YTP (if he didn't like it, he wouldn't be here)
  • Video Games (mostly Nintendo)
  • Cartoons
  • Closing Logos
  • Classic Rock music
  • Joining YTP Collabs
  • Magic: The Gathering
  • Boards of Canada
  • The Buzz on Maggie (Maggie Pesky FTW)


  • People who use the same jokes in almost all of their YTPs
  • People who steal jokes from other people
  • Poops that are not funny, or are barely edited
  • YouTube's Copyright System
  • Viacom
  • People who host more than 2 collabs at a time
  • People who rush through their YTPs for the sake of getting them done
  • Collab hosts who raise the pitches of songs used in entries for their collabs to avoid copyright. (If the songs don't cause an entry to be blocked, then why raise the pitch?)
  • My Little Pony
  • Raid Shadow Legends


  • Paperking99's poops from 2015 have recieved mixed reception amongst poopers and non-poopers. Some like the slow paced jokes in his old poops, while others think they're unfunny.
  • His post-2016 poops have recieved mostly positive reception, due to the good combination of effects and jokes.


  • Paperking99's poops have been criticized for having too much ear rape, and 9/11 jokes. Paperking actually likes ear rape and 9/11 jokes, as long as they are used in a funny way.
  • Paperking99 uses lots of sex jokes, another thing that he likes. However, some people don't like it.
  • His Peppa Pig collab has been criticized for having too many bad entries. Paperking hates the collab himself, and he regrets adding a lot of entries.


  • Gained over 2,700 subscribers, and over 780,000 video views in his first year of pooping
  • Had a lot of his videos reacted to (even though reaction channels suck).
  • Had 2 of his poops featured in YouChew's Recommended Poops articles.
  • Made friends with many of his inspirations
  • Succeeded with the MGM Lion Collab
  • Became a mod shortly after joining YTPMania
  • Became a Writing Staff member on the 2nd incarnation of YouChew.





If you like Paperking99's videos, and you're not on this list, you can go ahead and add yourself.

Other Information


  • Paperking likes closing logos, and he has a Closing Logos Group Wiki account
  • Even though he makes references to My Little Pony in his videos every once in a while, Paperking is not a brony. He hates everything My Little pony related, although he respect's the opinions of those who like it.
  • Paperking has Asperger's syndrome
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The watermark
  • His previous watermark was designed by RyanYTP.

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