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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

In Brief[edit]

TheWackyWeevil is a clean YouTube Pooper from Scotland, United Kingdom. Since June 2015, he has made poops of many different sources, mostly from Britain. He is perhaps best known for his series of Peppa Pig YTPs, which continue to gain attention today.


First poop seen[edit]

The first YTP Weevil remembers watching was a Peppa Pig YTP titled Edafunt's Party back in 2015. He came across some YouTube Poops a few years before this though, but he can't remember much about them.


Preferred Sources[edit]

  • Obscure content
  • British shows
  • Preschool shows

Preferred Poopisms[edit]

  • Acid Trips
  • Ear Rape (if used the right way)
  • Stutter loops
  • Sentence Mixing
  • Tech Text
  • Animated moments

Preferred Software[edit]

Vegas Pro 14


  • YTPs and edits
  • Comics
  • Cartoons
  • Drawing
  • Games
  • Golf
  • Airports
  • Blogging
  • Nintendo
  • Logos
  • Gadgets


  • MLG jokes and voiceovers in YTPs
  • Kidz Clips
  • Many modern pop songs


While the feedback for Weevil's earlier YTPs have been generally positive, his latest poops have received very positive comments and gets good feedback from his viewers. Many of Weevil's videos have had a successful amount of views, such as Woody and the Hunt for Grammar Textbooks, which has over 2 million views (as of July 2018).


Weevil has received some negative comments from his earlier videos, such as one viewer describing them as "poorly edited and unfunny". His 10 Seconds YTPMV Collab has been heavily criticised for containing a number of poor entries.


  • Reached 10,000 subscribers on YouTube.
  • Has hosted successful collabs, such as the CBeebies Collab which reached 100,000 views.
  • Some popular poopers (NKpower, Paperking99 and many others) noticed/subscribed to him.
  • Has collaborated with popular YTPer NKpower.
  • One of his latest poops, Harry Hill Goes to McDonald's, won the Poop of the Month award on YouChew and was featured on the Recommended YouTube Poops article.
  • Has had YouTubers reacting to his poops, particularly from Charmx.
  • Has his poops featured in Schaffrillas Productions' YouTube Poop Rewind 2017.


In Real Life[edit]


  • NKpower
  • Paperking99


and many others.


Other Information[edit]


  • Weevil's username came from Bin Weevils, an online game he used to play.
    • This game is also where his avatar originated.


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