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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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The account(s) Sonicnerd23 has/have been suspended from YouTube for crimes against copyright. YouTube Poop salutes you!
COOL STORY, BRO.   SonicNerd23 is a major contributor to YouChew's news page.

In brief[edit]

He's not a well known pooper. He loves famous Japanese anime that isn't well known in the U.S., such as Sgt. Frog, Higurashi, and Lucky Star. He's also a badass cop/bounty hunter/archaeologist. Some say he eats gerbils and shits out hamsters. He also loves the band Ratt.


The WMM Days[edit]

After watching a few poops, this pooper decided to go to Yoshiart, download a few clips, go to QuebecGamers, get a few clips, and open the ever failing Windows Movie Maker. After his first poop, he asked how to get his poops on the web, and found out he had to upload them onto Youtube (Duh) to get them up. That's when the nightmare began. His poops began to suck, his worst poop probably being Luigi's Special Beam Cannon. [1] After this, he was determined to show the world that DBZ could be pooped. His first DBZ poop was based primarily on repetitions and speed ups. His second and third poops were based on the Super 17 arc of DBGT, which was okay. His next DBZ poop was procclaimed filler, but it was rated one of his best poops. After that, he did one quick poop based on the Mario episode "Oh Brother". Then, he began to turn to poop tennis for fun. He challenged Hoss1993 (or rather Hoss1993 challenged him) to a game of Tennis. He thought the match ended when it had just begun, causing mass pandamonium (j/k). He was too late, Misselaineous10 posted his first round. And so the match begun. They were using many sources, until the final poop was over. In the end, Hoss1993 won. And so, SonicNerd23 decided to go back to pooping. He made a short poop called Luigi, The Pirate [2] and then thought some more. He thought of the many things he could use, but decided to be original for once and use Sifl And Ollie. The poop that was made was Da Sniffle And Ollee Show. [3] He made a separate video for his hit single, Calls From The Public. Afterwards, he made a slightly less popular video of Luigi singing to More Than A Feeling by Boston. He made two less important poops and then faced Cloggedone in Poop Tennis. He made a filler poop that related to neilwb's Motorboat Mario character, Motorboat Santa Mario. Then, he made some Christmas related videos, such as a new Sparta remix and a "This video will be flagged" video, which sadly was his highest viewed video. Finally, he uploaded his Christmas poop on Christmas Eve or Day. He did a filler poop for New Years Eve including a certain Conrad Slater. He made a perfect poop that sadly did not win the contest, then he made a Marilyn Manson poop. He made an average poop and then looked at horror movie trailers and got a new idea. He pooped slasher flick Halloween first, and then Friday The 13th. He went on to make a horrendous School House Rock poop featuring Lucky Seven. After this, he gave up WMM and revisited Vegas, which at first he thought was too hard.

Vegas Renaissance[edit]

After some Vegas experimentation, SonicNerd made his first Vegas poop, titled WOULDA LIKE TA HEAR OUR SPECIALS OF THE DAY [4], a poop featurng cannibalistic warthogs from Lovesick Sonic. After a small period of silence, he was itching for a tennis match. He challenged the forum regular TheDarkRises, who was a good pooper. The match turned out even. Afterwards, he made one of his most famous Vegas poops, HERE, a poop about Lucky Star, as part of NS2's anime collab. After making a Dr. Phil poop and a Def Leppard poop, he challenged NS2 (Now a forum mod) to a round of tennis. After the tennis match, he entered the poop tennis tournament. His first opponent was RabbitSnore, one of the forum admins. After a fair game, the poopers voted. The match seemed tied until rakninja broke the tie by voting for Rabbit. And so, SonicNerd lost the match, but stayed calm about it. A few weeks later, he put out a filler poop. After a period of silence, Sonicnerd made a poop using the Mother energy drink ads. As part of a collab, he also made a Tiny Robots poop.

Death and Rebirth: The Second Coming[edit]

On the morning of July 23, 2008, tragedy struck. Sonicnerd23's account was deleted. It turns out that he got a third strike (the first two were from videos with Dr. Rabbit in them) from the owners of Godzilla removing a trailer from Sonicnerd's alt account sonicnerdalternate. This caused not only the alt's suspension, but Sonicnerd23's as well. Sonicnerd, knowing this would happen, kept calm and was back up on Youtube in no time. He created a new account, hestolemyballoons [5], solving the situation. He has uploaded one video on the account so far [6]. He has also done things he never did before on his old account, such as adding a playlist [7] and turning on active sharing. Sonicnerd has since made a second video: a trap video disguised as a remix of the song "Girlfriend". A month after, he made a Back to the Future poop. The next month, he made a 2001: A Space Odyssey poop. ANOTHER month passed before he made a video for the "Money" fad (All in all, SonicNerd lacks motivation most of the time). Somewhere during those months, he got involved with forum regular Seligsuper in a Guitar Hero 3 Hack, properly titled Guitar Hero: YouChew Edition. After they came up with a setlist, SonicNerd made a preview video of the setlist for all on Youtube to see [8]. In December 2008, he made two collab videos, a scene in the Godzilla remake with Engrish subtitles and a poop of the Super Mario World Christmas Special.


After this video, he went on to make a trailer for the Youtube Poop Movie project. He's signed on to various collabs since, but is slow on posting poops, his most recent (as of March 12, 2009) being Howard Stevens Evaluates How Much Mario's Painting Would Sell For [10].

On March 13, Sonicnerd declared that it was his birthday and that he would be uploading old videos from his other account [11]. So far, he has reuploaded HERE, Goku Stares into Your Soul, and THIS VIDEO SHALT BE FLAGGED. A month later, he made The Effect of a Negative Impact, a Godzilla poop.

Currently, he is in the process of making an update video for GH: Youchew.

First Poop Seen[edit]


First Poop Made By This Pooper[edit]

Retard Luigi Shows His Stuff


Preferred Methods[edit]

  • Ear Rape
  • Slow down/Speed up
  • Reversal
  • Stutter
  • Inversion

Preferred Sources[edit]

Preferred Tech[edit]



  • His low critical response
  • His low fanbase
  • His complaining
  • Guro


His videos have been well recieved by the people that have watched them.


He's done jack shit to the poop universe, except maybe his thread series, SONICNERD23.



No one



  • Almost all the poopers before him.


  • Quite a few, but very little in comparison to other poopers.

Other Information[edit]


  • The polar opposite of TheDumbening.
  • Younger than most people think.