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Kamen Rider

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Title card of the newest series, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.
Name: Kamen Rider
Country of Origin: Japan
Type of Source: TV show
Created By: Toei
Year Created: 1971


Kamen Rider is a Japanese action/sci-fi TV show first aired in 1971. From its humble roots of cyborgs taking down neo-nazis, the show has since broken into the U.S. market through masterpieces like Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight, and Saban's Masked Rider.

The current season focuses on Emu Hojo, who's a trainee doctor at Seito University Hospital, plus expert gamer. Luckily for him, his skills will intersect when a computer virus, the Bugsters, infect people through video games, and thus he must become Kamen Rider Ex-Aid to ex-terminate the infection! Other riders with Gamer Drivers (yes, that's what they're called) appear on the scene too, including one that can turn into a motorcycle. This series also features extremely bright colors, to let kids in Japan know that Gamer Riders play it loud.

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This is not Amazon.


Showa Era

  • Ichigo, the original but not to be confused with The First, who is a second version of him.
  • Nigo, the replacement when the original's actor broke his leg.
  • V3, the only Rider to be a Version.
  • Riderman, whose exposed face got him kicked out of the later Masked Rider Warriors.
  • X, who once fought Starfish Hitler.
  • Amazon, the brutal jungle fighter.
  • Stronger, first to have a power-up form.
  • Skyrider, who once claimed to be Amazon when under the influence of Saban.
  • Super-1, the original space Rider.
  • BLACK, first to go scarfless.
  • BLACK RX, pioneer of alternate forms.
    • Masked Rider, the American version of BLACK RX. He is not hungry.
  • Shin, you expecting a Rider Kick? Too bad, you're getting your head ripped off!
  • ZO, best remembered by Americans as that one lousy FMV Sega CD game that should've been released as a movie.
  • J, the rider who can rise above and beyond the challenge because he's the only Jumbo sized rider!
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Black once attempted to reinvent himself without the Kamen Rider name.
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Wizard shows his disdain for audience reaction to his show.

Heisei Era

  • Kuuga, revival.
  • Agito, and his amazing friends (popularized multiple Riders per series).
  • Ryuki, the card one.
    • Dragon Knight, the American version of Ryuki.
  • Faiz, also known as 555, also known as Φ's, also known as Phi's, also known as FFFFF.
  • Blade, the other card one.
  • Hibiki, the black sheep.
  • Kabuto, who walks the path of heaven.
    • Gatack, who's gonna take all you worms down.
      • ALL OF YOU!
  • Den-O, King of Trains.
  • Kiva, King of Vampires.
  • Decade, the other other card one where the cards are other Rider powers.
  • Double, the two-in-one detective.
  • OOO, the coin one with a need for clean underpants.
    • Ankh
  • Fourze, everybody's friend.
  • Wizard, everybody's hope apparently.
    • Beast, the real hero of Wizard's show.
  • Gaim, who just lived more.
    • Baron, Gaim's rival in attempting to live more.
  • Drive, all you need is him.
  • Ghost, who just died more.
    • Spectre,who just wants to live more, but that train left the station a while ago.
    • Necrom, who just wants to be human more.
  • Amazons, debatable continuity wise but they want you to open your amazons.
  • Ex-Aid, the current one. A doctor who can cure you of video game addiction...I think? Trust me?


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Liked by

  • Adness Entertainment, who existed just to make an American version of Ryuki.
  • Haim Saban
  • Shunpei, but that's not necessarily good.

Disliked by

  • S.H.O.C.K.E.R. and all its variants.
  • Narutaki, because of his belief that everything wrong is Decade's fault.
  • Super Sentai, whenever Toei needs them to clash for a quick buck.
  • Themselves, also whenever Toei needs them to clash for a quick buck.
  • Budget Pillar, Wizard's greatest nemesis. Though originally a quiet pillar, an Undead that took on Kamen Rider Blade's form killed one of it's best friends. The resulting shock and rage drove Budget Pillar to seek revenge against the Kamen Riders without realizing the whole situation and so it made a pact with the devil in the form of the White Wizard.
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The Nefarious Budget Pillar opposing Wizard.

Further information

  • Yurusen from Kamen Rider Ghost shares a voice with Madoka Kaname and Mari who fell down the stairs.
  • Ferbus was here but no one cares.

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  • [1] - For most of the series
  • [2] - For Dragon Knight

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