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Final Fantasy: Unlimited

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Final Fantasy: Unlimited[edit]



Final Fantasy: Unlimited incorporates characteristics of the Final Fantasy games. Summoning is used in the series and is performed by using a demon gun. By using three cartridges of Soil as ammunition, different summons can be created depending on the types of soil used.

The Ghost Train is used by the protagonists to ride into the inner world, Wonderland. Although Elizabeth, the Ghost Train, is the main mode of transportation, the submarine Jane and the airship Sylvia are also methods of transportation, as well as keeping the Final Fantasy tradition. These were created by the character Cid, and is another example of a recurring Final Fantasy theme. Mascots from the series such as the Chocobo, Moogle and Cactuar are also included.

Media Information[edit]


Produced by Gonzo Studio Ran from: 2 October 2001 – 26 March 2002


Ai Hayakawa[edit]

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Lisa Pacifist

A 12-year-old daughter of the Hayakawas rode on the Subway into Wonderland with her younger twin brother, Yu, in search of their lost parents. She is an energetic and intensely curious little girl who is very positive and outgoing. But, her good moods don't last too long. Ai loves creepy, cute things like her gift from Fabula, Poshepocket, with whom she fell in love with at first sight. Chocobo's also love her pigtails and will bite them at any given opportunity. Even tossing her around if there are large numbers of them around.

Generally bothering Kaze.

Yu Hayakawa[edit]

This looks familiar...

Yu is Ai's younger twin brother. Always sure to introduce himself when he meets someone new, he shows no signs of shyness, even towards someone like Kaze (who is surrounded by such an unapproachable aura and surely hates him). Yu tends to act like an adult in that he always proceeds with caution along their journey. But he also has an innocent, childish side that can be seen in such acts as mindlessly chasing cute animals like Chocobo. Through the use of Penna, he can converse with Chobi the Chocobo.

Also Bothers Kaze

Lisa Pacifist[edit]

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Makenshi a.k.a. White Cloud

Ai and Yu first meet the 22-year-old Lisa in the Subway, where she decides to help the twins search for their parents in Wonderland. She is able to manipulate spirits found in nature through the use of her Kigen Arts and uses this power to protect the two twins from the various monsters of Wonderland. Ai believes that Lisa came to Wonderland in search of her boyfriend, but her true reason for coming is still a mystery...not to mention she laughs to avoid certain questions.

REALLY Bothers Kaze


Known to the villains as "Black Wind"(Kuroki Kaze), this silent, expressionless man defeats monsters once he thaws the 'Magun' on his right arm, which fires summons. He's made into a laughing stalk due to all of his memories of the past being lost. The only thing seems to remember is how to pull a trigger and that he wants to settle something with Makenshi.

He likes to point at people.


Known to Kaze as "White Cloud"(Shiroi Kumo), this silent mysterious figure is working for Gaudium at his leisure. Unlike Kaze, he has no interest in fighting him, having an agenda different for the Earl's. He is soft-spoken and seems to have a soft spot for Crux, which is a puppet-created-into a doll sort of thing.

He likes swords.



Kaze's partner. Tends to have emotional breakdowns. Possibly the only person who doesn't annoy Kaze. He's also called Kaze a "great man" and an "imbecile" in the same sentence before.

Chobi the Chocobo[edit]

A Chocobo

The chocobo that accompanies the gang. He eventually is given the power of the legendary Ceil Chocobo which gives him the all amazing ability to fly.


Phase Episode
Episode Title
Phase 1 01 "Wonderland - Journey into the Darkness"
02 "Magun - Man of the Black Wind"
03 "Fruit - The Town of Sweet Scent"
04 "Makenshi - The White Etude"
Phase 2 05 "Cid - The Adventure of the Underground Waterway"
06 "Kigen Arts - The Savior of Souls"
07 "Subway - Enemy of the Dimensional Tunnel"
08 "Soil - The Heart of the Magun"
Phase 3 09 "Oscha - The Endless Project"
10 "Mansion - The Memory of Sagiso"
11 "Ciel - The Departure of Chocobo"
12 "Fungus - Eternal Life"
Phase 4 13 "Meteor - Abominable Memory"
14 "Omega - Reunion and Departure"
15 "Jane - The Moving Ocean Puzzle"
16 "Kigen Dragon - Behind the Smile"
Phase 5 17 "Frog - A Tiny Huge Adventure"
18 "Madoushi - The Battle Between Mist and Clouds"
19 "Ai - An Encounter With Clear"
Phase 6 20 "Yu - The Secret of Gaudium"
21 "Cactus - The Wandering Ocean"
22 "Moogle - Nostalgic Memories"
Phase 7 23 "Teros - Long Lost Memories"
24 "Chaos - The Earl Unveiled"
25 "Kaze - The Glory of Life"


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