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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

In brief

It is mostly about who is considered "normal" or those considered to be complete trash to the rest of society. Then again, who really wants to become a red-eyed beast? Sometimes I do, sometimes I do not... That will be up to you since there are truly only two choices to make in the world today, and further more in the near/distant future.

I do not wish any of you luck, though. Luck are for those who could not have decided for what they wanted on themselves. It is rather sad, really...

First poop seen

KingMrSnowBallMan's (whatever his name is)Steely Phil vs. Adolf Hitler.


Whatever I want to dislike.

Preferred Methods

  • Ear rape
  • Repitition
  • Blinding colors


Criticism? What criticism?



I didn't gain shit... actually, I did get a "Top Ten" award thing with my video Flumby and Pals within the month of December 2007.

In Real Life

Peeweesarno- My sister.


  • Some other people that I don't remember, or don't feel like remembering at the moment.

Other Information

You're wasting your time reading this worthless crap.


  • I know what 2+2 is.
  • The real username is BeefTurkey, which is less preferrable than TurkeyBeef. Get used to it.


My lousy channel