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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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 This Pooper is Dormant and unclassified to be retired or on hiatus.

The Neoprene Junebug (me) was first sighted on Youtube in late 2007. First came a Weird Al Yankovic AMV with the footage jacked from a lot of other AMVs. It was then I discovered the works of Xample, The Electric Cheese, and Retarded Anime Parody. Oh and of course, the amazing (and criminally underrated) FLCLOwns. After acquiring what I thought at the time was some unpooped material (Excel Saga, Azumanga Daioh, Legends of the Hidden Temple) and a ton of CD-i cutscenes, my first Youtube Poop was born: "Excel Teen Baka Force: Legend of the Hidden Spaghetti". To make a long story short, it sucked, and has never been seen in its entirety by Youtube (a good chunk of it later found it's way into "Excel Devours Osaka's Spaghetti", that should give you some idea of how bad it was).

Over the next few months I made several more YTP with iMovie (the only editing software I had at the time) and judicious use of rapid-fire stutter loops, speed control, and really bad sentence mixing. Rather than just reuse the memes that were popular at the time, I tried creating some of my own ("Crispin Freeman!" etc.) but none of them really caught on. Except maybe Dokuro-chan, but I'm not entirely sure if I was the first to use that in YTP. Well, I'm starting to see more Poopers using it anyways.

Recently, I've been making a lot of fad videos, partially because I'm in the process of moving and inbetween jobs, but mostly because I'm lazy. Oh, and as of May I have acquired Final Cut Express, which is really coming in handy in the Tennis Match against FLCLOwns. Guess I'd better get going on that.

First poop seen[edit]

"Ed on the Daioh" by Wickydoo

First poop made[edit]

"Excel Devours Osaka's Spaghetti" (don't watch this)


Hallucinogenic and random

Preferred Sources[edit]

Various Animes and other Random Material

Preferred Methods[edit]

Stutter Loop Ear Rape Video overlay abuse Icon abuse Green

Prefered Tech[edit]

Final Cut Express iMovie jelly broken globe special rocket shoes


Zelda CD-i undercooked meat undercooked CD-i Avenged Sevenfold


Have generally gone unnoticed by the YTP community, I do however manage to annoy a lot of people.


Can't think of any right now.


  • First use of Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan in a Youtube Poop? (unless someone else can prove otherwise)
  • 61,540 views for "LOL HENTAI" at last count


  • Spoonuser12

In Real Life[edit]

see also Princess Tastebud. [edit]Online


  • RetardedAnimeParody
  • SeductiveBaz
  • electricthecheese


Other Information[edit]

The Neoprene Junebug can be seen in its natural habitat at