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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Newstaff.png Guysafari has contributed at least one article to the YouChew front page.
Oldgeezer.png This pooper is Retired. Respect your elders, sonny!

In brief

Guysafari is the greatest youtube pooper of all time. Even better than that one guy that made that video. Yeah. THAT GUY. You know exactly who I'm talking about. He's also famous for being really cool, amazing, and overall, a better person than whoever is reading this article right now (OH SNAP!). Now he's kinda done making videos because he's bored of it and his computer doesn't have Vegas. Tis a loss for humanity and it makes everyone sad. In fact it's why there's so much suffering in the world right now. Someone get this guy some Vegas! THINK OF THE CHILDREN! Also he detests everyone on Youchew except for a select few. The people who happen to be cool. He just says all out of convienience and because the majority of the people on the site are, in fact, not cool.


He was born a long time ago and didnt have internet for a while, but then one day on the marvelous site known as "De Tuub", he saw "Youtube Poop: When you Pinch TOAST, There's Mama LUIGI!!! XD" Which is still actually a hilarious video and if you havent seen it yet, you should feel sad and watch it post haste. There's even a remake of it done with Vegas that got a chuckle out of the great Safroni. In an interview he said "Ha.. that was kinda funny I guess". We are eternally grateful that he was able to grace us with his presence. Even for such a short time. We Miss you Safroni, please come back and make our lives meaningful again....... or for the first time depending if you're new.

First poop seen


Youtube Poop: When You Pinch Toast, There's Mama Luigi

This is debatably the greatest YTP ever. I know because the guy who made it is actually pretty cool. Definitely cooler than YOUCHEW!!! WOW KAPOW KABOOM!!!!!

First poop made

youtube poop: here is the map my bambino

The best YTP ever made by anyone who went here!


List of poops

Name Date Uploaded Length
youtube poop: here is the map my bambino 2-10-08 1:23
ytpmv: theres nothin on 3-31-08 4:13
youtube poop: kenE rogers jackass adventur...e 4-29-08 3:56
youtube poop: Manimal's transformation sequence.... revised 4-30-08 1:25
Youtube Poop: What is Spaghetti?... revisited.. kinda 5-17-08 2:15
Tentor521 changes his name 5-21-08 1:05
Safroni spears thetentor (Tentor521) 5-23-08 1:01
guysafari's last round sucks 5-25-08 0:34
youtube poop: dinobots SOS 5-26-08 5:41
youtube poop: rock tv is the devil 5-29-08 1:49
youtube poop: the wacky delly chronicles 6-4-08 2:50
youtube poop: what i see when my eyes are closed 6-8-08 1:33
youtube poop: Manimal's Transformation sequence the sequal 6-23-08 0:36
youtube poop: Brawl Taunts 6-24-08 1:41
youtube poop: Starscream Joins the SOS Brigade 6-24-08 1:54
ytpt: the AVGN marrys the Virtual Boy 6-26-08 1:09
The Virtual Boy becomes a Whore 6-27-08 1:17
Mion Kills The Virtual Boy 6-29-08 1:46
Re: youtube poop: here is the map my bambino 6-29-08 0:50
youtube poop: that kirby can drive a car 6-30-08 1:35
ytp: M-un-M finds himself 6-30-08 0:56
Youtube Poop: Jim and Derek meet their moms 7-3-08 2:04
Sonick goes to rehab 7-14-08 2:11
Zim and Jake eat their bombs 7-16-08 0:48
the three stooges discover virtual reality 7-19-08 1:36
their fathers perform the same method formerly performed by their soulmates and their siblings 7-21-08 0:42
the bombs detonate 7-22-08 0:50
the AVGN promotes Friday the 13th 7-23-08 1:48
g1 poop: prime commits a felony 7-25-08 2:24
the first teenage hotel mario poop (no im serious this is) 7-29-08 0:55
Vman flames Deepercutt, Walrus guy, and then Krobo 7-29-08 0:52
Interesting Title Here 8-2-08 0:35
alan verbally abuses volvik waturr 8-4-08 0:28
you are a (insert noun here) 8-4-08 1:02
mar-e-oh gets diarreah 8-8-08 0:31
THIS IS THE END 8-9-08 0:45
the engineer abuses bill o'reilly 8-11-08 0:32
*random letters* 8-11-08 0:32
Aidless Mario 8-12-08 1:30
mario gets banned cuz he isnt kid-friendly 8-14-08 0:35
soccer mom promotes kid-friendly flick :3 8-15-08 1:07
scrooge mcduck learns how to watch a television 8-18-08 2:13
the duel begins 8-21-08 0:36
John Madden Becomes a Pro-Wrestler 8-22-08 0:13
We Mourn Over Losing Them 8-22-08 0:21
Sonic Meets Tentor 8-27-08 0:38
The duel has been postponed 8-27-08 0:37
sonic anally rapes teturr 8-30-08 0:32
cinnamon toast crunch is banned from footlocker 8-31-08 0:36
Mion, er, Shion Learns how to Share 9-1-08 1:54
Sonic gets Electricuted by humping the Sega Genesis while it was still plugged into the wall and the tv and it didnt have a game cartridge in it. 9-2-08 0:32
The Tale of Ryder and Haruhi's Wedding is Made into a Movie 9-4-08 0:51
youtube poop: mama weegee bedtime story 9-6-08 1:10
Nostalgia Critic reviews Cd-i cutsenes 9-8-08 0:31
Smosh Mourns the Loss of WalrusGuy 9-10-08 1:08
Nirvana rapes a Grilled Cheese Sandwich 9-12-08 1:10
The lagacy of the Virtual boy Lives forever 9-26-08 1:06
The Duel is Repaired 10-1-08 0:36
youtube poop: Tom Green forces Stegblob to play Superman 64 10-3-08 1:12
Re: I'D SAY HE'S HOT ON OUR TAIL 10-7-08 1:05
Megatron Subscribes to Krobo and Deepercutt. 10-9-08 1:25
The AVGN Guts a Live Deer 10-15-08 1:24
Batman mourns the loss of Yewtewbpewper 10-21-08 1:12
Billy Billy is Happy for Cynical's achievement 11-28-08 0:31
Pimpsahoy bites Micheal! 10-30-08 1:23
Charlie Manson gets a new cell phone! 11-5-08 0:36
Youtube poop: SHUT UP!!!!! 11-15-08 1:27
Takano Puts an Orangeman in Her Pants 11-22-08 1:11
(Tennis) Korgoth Plays Battletoads 12-1-08 0:49
Youtube Poop - Nostalgia Critic 12-2-08 1:11
THE BEST THING EVER.wmv 12-6-08 0:45
round 2 with quax94 12-8-08 0:39
Rosario+oirasoR 12-12-08 0:36
Safaro also gets lazy as well. 12-12-08 0:34
Youtube Poop: Nirvana 12-15-08 1:20
Jim Morrison attempts stand-up comedy 12-18-08 0:56
(Tennis) Manson finds great pleasure from playing an Atari 5200 12-23-08 0:40
Sonic repairs his Dreamcast 12-24-08 1:03
We mourn the loss of markgilst and LordTyrenol 12-28-08 0:32
OMGTSN gave me the source of this. 12-29-08 1:16
Super Shitehole Bruthaz 3: the sequal 1-3-09 1:11
Miss10 1-5-09 0:37
Prime and Megatron engage in Mortal Kombat 1-5-09 1:30
The Clown 1-7-09 1:13
I had to get this out of my system. 1-10-09 1:35
CommanderGwonam plays Super Shitroid 1-20-09 1:09
Youtube Poop Sonic Underground 1-22-09 1:12
Toadomos is the biggest Charmy fanboy there is! :3 1-26-09 1:06
My firstest YTPMV. 1-28-09 1:03
Kirby's Shit-tastic Adventure 1-30-09 1:11
Random quote Girl makes an Obama action figure. 2-3-09 0:50
Joker plays Toufuck 2-10-09 1:03
duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh. 2-13-09 1:30
Youtube poop: Mario 2-14-09 1:02
THE MEATBALLS 2-21-09 1:49
Bobby is accused of being a furry :0 3-5-09 0:56
SEGASUS 3-14-09 1:50
CommanderGwonam plays Donky Kong County. 3-15-09 0:51
Youtube Poop: The King 3-15-09 1:01
Youtube Poop: Randomness!!! 3-26-09 1:12
Youtube poop: Mama Luigi 4-6-09 1:16
Youtube Poop: TF2 4-14-09 1:21
Youtube poop: CD-i 4-21-09 1:12
Youtube Poop: Dinner 5-5-09 1:05
Youtube poop: Hotel Mario 5-23-09 1:12
Youtube Poop: Bored James 5-29-09 1:09
Youtube poop Childhood 5-31-09 1:09
Donnie the Hedgehog 6-28-09 0:55
Youtube Poop: Billy Mays 7-2-09 1:14
Donny Osmond 7-5-09 0:51
Youtube poop: Michael Jackson 7-6-09 1:14
Youtube poop: Nostalgia Critic 7-12-09 1:50
Beta Osmond 7-14-09 0:30
Spongebob Meets AVGN 07-16-09 0:32
Youtube poop: ROB Part 1 07-18-09 1:15

Somebody actually put a list up of all the stuff I did?! Wow thanks man! You are one of the COOL Youchew people


The fucking greatest YTPer of all time. Literally better than everyone. Especially Jintai. Safroni's the boss, man. Don't mess with Safroni man he'll just wreck you. Also, the 'S' in Style should be capitalized.

Preferred Sources

Preferred Methods

  • Stutter Loop
  • Masking
  • Randomnessicity
  • Ear Rape
  • the LOUD kind of ear rape. Kinda like putting caps lock on LIKE THIS
  • Pretty much anything because, like mentioned before, I'm the jack of all trades and master of everything.

Prefered Tech


  • Sony Vegas
  • Retsupurae
  • The fact that there wasn't a "likes" thing in the first place. Just dislikes. Way to focus on the negatives, idiots!
  • Sonic CD
  • Sonic Generations
  • CLASSIC Sonic
  • The Mother series
  • Primarily things that are not Youchew
  • Manic episodes are kinda fun at times too
  • The fact somebody actually listed all his YTP's as of 2009. Seriously. Props to that guy. It's rare seeing cool people on Youchew. Like... 1 in a million rare.


  • FADS
  • Youchew
  • Chewiki
  • The fact that I was on Youchew at all.
  • The SNES Yeah really what's this guy's problem?? Answer: This guy got TASTE AW SNAP!
  • Adobe because those products run on the graphics card. 1/10.
  • depression makes this happen -> :(
  • Modern Hentai Sonic AND Modern Hentai Sonic's fans
  • The majority of people that go on Youchew




Other Information

  • He is better than all of you. Like in every concievable way.


  • Did you know everyday guy doesn'tmake a video a child dies because it's a big world with crazy stuff going down all the time? Even if he made the video the child would probably still die, but still
  • Did you know he's a fan of Pro Wrestling?
  • Guess what? Chicken Butt
  • In the Earthbound YTP, which was better than anything anyone from YOUCHEW made there's a subliminal messaage on Ness's text box that spells out "FUCK YOUCHEW". This is also present in that Parappa YTP he made which also happens to be one of the greatest YTP's ever made.