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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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The account(s) Coolcat001100 has/have been suspended from YouTube for crimes against copyright, but got unsuspended later, only to get suspended again, only to yet again get unsuspended, only to...this could take a while.. YouTube Poop salutes you!

In Brief

Coolcat001100, aka The Gaming Cat, is a young idealistic young man who decided to delve into the dark arts of Youtube Poop because it entertained him, and he like the idea of entertaining people while simultaneously manipulating reality. To this day, he is still waiting for that ability to be his in real life so he can ride a giant jumping spider down a street covered in syrup while listening to Saturday Night Fever. (Don't ask. For the sake of your sanity.)


One day during 2008 in Bel-Air, Maryland (No, I'm serious. He really used to live in Bel-Air), his friend Justin was showing him some odd things called "Youtube Poops". As he and his friend watched and laughed hysterically, he fell in love with them and started watching them almost daily. His addiction started waning in late 2011, due to him finding internet reviewers and getting obsessed with them, but had a relapse in mid 2012 when he saw many of AwfulFawfultheFalafle's videos. After watching MoBrosStudios' tutorial on Youtube Poop, he decided that he wanted to be a pooper. His parents got him a video editor for Christmas, and he happily got to work. Note: At parties, The Gaming Cat likes to say that he does it to entertain himself while he and his "friends" (who are nothing more than the fictitious characters he puts in the credits) maintain a stronghold for Jim Raynor. If he tells you this, it's simply because he's caught up in his own disillusionment.

First Poop Seen

When Justin first showed some to him, he didn't actually remember any of the titles.

First Poop Made

SpingeBill and Potrock become cloppers (Unlike most poopers, he's still kind of proud of it.)


Around September 2014, Coolcat got terminated on YouTube for copyright issues (namely his SpongeBob poops), and Viacom tried to kill him off. He went into hiding, desperately trying to work with Youtube's copyright team and get his channel back.


Around October 2014, Coolcat convinced Youtube to return his channel back to YouTube. So in October 16th 2014, he made a "Back from Copyright Death" video and is still making YTPs and countdowns.


Mostly sentence mixing and visual gags in a way that satirizes the source material.

Preferred Sources

Preferred Software


  • Video Games (Favorite: Starcraft II)
  • Cats
  • Polemology
  • Quentin Tarantino
  • Thinking man's rock (Rush, Pink Floyd, & Peter Gabriel)
  • Stephen Pastis' Pearls Before Swine
  • Cartoons
  • Adult Cartoons (No, not porn)
  • Internet reviewers
  • Books (Particularly Stephen King)
  • Redheads
  • Greenheads
  • Jarheads
  • Stuart K. Reilly (You gotta love redneck newscasters!)


  • 4chan
  • Anime (Except The Last Airbender and The Gregory Horror Show)
  • Trolls
  • Spambots
  • Extremists; religious, political, or otherwise
  • Prejudice
  • 13-and-unders who play M rated games
  • Spadinner
  • Excessive ear rape
  • The Sonic fanbase
  • The Starcraft fanbase
  • The Youtube Poop jokes his parents constantly make (It's not funny anymore, dad)
  • Stealing of any kind
  • Pop Music


Ever since SpingeBill plays too much Team Fortress 2, he's become a moderately big pooper, gaining at least 5 subs each day, and getting many more views. SpingeBill, Potrock, and Squishward go to Vietnam placed #9 on Emperorlemon's Top 10 Youtube Poops of 2014.



He is the first pooper to poop a dub (AwfulFawfultheFalafle's SpongeBob dub, specifically), an episode of MAD, Doom 3, and Zero Punctuation. He also attempted to make a South Park Collab, but it was unsuccessful. He survived a copyright takedown by Viacom back in 2014, after a month-and-a-half period of dealing with Youtube's completely inept copyright team.





  • Most of his online aliases are a Coolcat of some sort, including his Xbox live name (coolcat404) and his steam name (same as youtube).
  • In addition to Youtube Poop, he also occasionally makes countdowns.
  • He participated in Awfulfawfulthefalafle's ill-fated SpingeBill Collab.