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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Oldgeezer.png This pooper is Retired. Respect your elders, sonny!
User.jpg  This article is about UltraJooshFunStuff, a frequent editor and User of this wiki.
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In Brief[edit]

I'm a relatively new pooper (now retired, since I grew bored of it) who got into the Youtube Pooping business in March 2013.


I discovered Youtube Poop back in 2010, when I watched old Spa-Dinner styled Youtube Poops. I never really got into the pooping business very much until March 2013, when I started making videos in Windows Movie Maker. When I got Sony Vegas in the summer of 2013, that's when I really took off and got better at making them. Nowadays, I just interact with other Youtube Poopers on YouChew, after my retirement in Summer 2014.

First Poop Seen[edit]

Youtube Poop - Groves teaches YTP by AlvinYTP

First Poop Made[edit]

Youtube Poop - Ordinary Program Crew Gets the "D"


Simplistic, Clean, and Somewhat Classic

Preferred Sources[edit]

  • Anything, really.

Preferred Methods[edit]

Preferred Software[edit]


  • Music
  • Anime
  • Girls
  • Ed Edd 'n Eddy
  • Making YTPs
  • Being Around Friends
  • Filming Trains for a Different YouTube Account
  • 90's Cartoons
  • Food
  • Things I Find Humorous


  • Being Poked Fun At
  • College (Sometimes)
  • Stress



I often make some minor mistakes when making my videos and use similar jokes enough to make their value vanish.


Two videos of mine has more than 2,000 views. Plus, I have 197 subscribers (as of 10-6-14).

Youtube Poop Friends[edit]


  • DurhamrockerZ (Stutters)
  • BarneyIsPerverted (Visual Effects and a Few Jokes)
  • Sinnedtragedy98 (Jokes, Plus the Fact That He Went Through What I'm Going Through)
  • AwfulFawfultheFalafe (MLP References)



Other Links[edit]