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Goop Videos

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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Hiatus.png This pooper is on Hiatus and will not be making poops for the time being.

In Brief[edit]

Goop Videos is a Pooper from New York who began his career in January 2015. He is known for creating Despicable Meme: Gru's Constipated and GET OUT OF MY COCK. Goop has influenced many other poopers in recent years.


Goop discovered YouTube Poop back in 2010. He was given Sony Vegas for Christmas in 2014, made a poop, and the rest is history. Since 2019, Goop has taken an indefinite hiatus from YTP to focus on finishing college and starting his career as an artist.

First poop seen[edit]

Youtube Poop: The Haunted Hotel of Weegee by Hurricoaster

First poop made[edit]

YTP-Spingebill convinces Squishward to build him a bomb out of a bubble and a used pinball machine

Favorite poops[edit]

  • SpongeRick and PatBob Worship the Magic Cock by Dimitri Petrov
  • Ddede Invisible Touch'es Dr robit innapropriately because toNIGHT TONIGHT TONIIIGHT OHOOO by Geibuchan
  • Final Hours by 64Mario64
  • Meet the Mario Head by MoBrosStudios
  • Revenge of the Mad Madman by DeeperCutt
  • Spingebill Embarks on a Panty Raid by BarneyIsPerverted
  • Aladdin Commits Suicide by AlvinYTP
  • It's Rip Snortin' Time! by Hurricoaster
  • Mario & Luigi's Strip Club Adventure by cs188
  • Mashed Bandicoot by NPCarlson
  • Big Fucking Business by TimoteiLSD
  • Deliver Us by Fawful
  • Mako Explores his Sexuality by Hotel Weegee
  • Too Lazy to list the rest out, Click here to see the rest of them


Goop considers himself an average pooper who tries to experiment a bit from time to time.

Preferred Sources[edit]

  • Anything he thinks is poop worthy

Preferred Methods[edit]

Preferred Software[edit]



  • Donald Trump
  • Nazis
  • That Stupid Fucking Let The Bodies Hit the Floor Song That everyone Thinks is Death Metal
  • A Guy on YouTube named Kokonut who steals his and other pooper's videos and claims them as his own
  • Most Internet Fandoms
  • Shrek 3
  • Biodome
  • Puddle Of Mudd


His most well-known poop Despicable Meme has been well received by members of the community. Many find his poops to be quite entertaining. However, some members of the community, particularly on the YouChew forum have criticized him for being an overrated pooper.


In Real Life[edit]

  • In February of 2016, Goop met up with EmperorLemon in NYC.
  • Goop's real name is Ben.
  • Goop has been a Pescetarian since 2019.
  • Goop is a fan of Heavy Metal and Punk music, his favorite bands are Iron Maiden, System of a Down, Pantera, Dead Kennedys and Rage Against the Machine.
  • Goop is going to school for Visual Arts and is interested in becoming an animator and a voice actor.
  • Goop lives in New York.



  • Goop has done YTP Tennis with Nitro Edits, Dimitri Petrov and EmperorLemon.
  • Goop has almost 30,000 Subscribers