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Soucisse Verte

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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

In Brief[edit]

Soucisse Verte is a french Youtube Pooper with A multi-purpose style who began in March 2013.


Soucisse Verte ("Green Sousage" in english) began to watch typically French YTPs around 2012 like GrosCacaBoudin. When he began YTPs in 2013, he met a lot of french friends in internet. At these times there, he knew only French poopers. A few month later, he discovers his first american pooper: Avojaifnot. He was a big influence for Soucisse. Several months later, he met LaVie CestLol and then, discovered the youchew community and the art of YTP Tennis. He's now determined to tennis his best tennisers.




Poopers he likes (Top 10)[edit]



You can add yourself here if you like Soucisse (or just his stuff).


  • YTP Tennis
  • Ear rape
  • Metal (favorite band: Tool)
  • IVL Friends
  • Video games
  • The Pokemon Universe
  • DOOM
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • The "Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy" by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg


  • Modern YTPMVs
  • Vegetables
  • Hating someone
  • His YTPer nickname (moar details in "Misc")


  • He's a VERY BIG FAN of BSP666c at the point that he considers him as being the best Youtube Poop Tenniser ever.
  • He's a member of "Le Club de Couir", a french group where is LaVie.
  • He doesn't like his nickname because he find it too dumb for his kind of video. But it's difficult for him to change it for some reasons:
- He has no idea of nickname.
- His popularity grew up for a few years with this alias. Thus, he has difficulty in being made at the idea of changing it.
  • He has a project of Dark Ambient/Post Noise music as "ᐱrkiV".
  • oui


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