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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
COOL STORY, BRO.   Tofucakecan was a former major contributor to YouChew's news page.

Basic Info

I started out in 2008, with "That's Terribly Sexy", but I really got into making YTP in 2011 when I spent almost a year unemployed (long story). I taught myself how to use Adobe Premiere and eventually transitioned into using Sony Vegas. Youtube Poop (to me) is like an abstract/surrealist/satirical form of video art. It helps me flex my creative muscles. When I make poops, I like to try to make people laugh, and give them a few WTF moments, all the while trying to not do the same thing over and over.

As of 2016 my output has slowed down quite a bit, but I still enjoy making YTP's (I wanna make sure what I put out is really worth putting out). I don't foresee quitting any time soon, as long as I can come up with ideas for poops.

First Poop Watched

I found out about the Zelda CD-I videos through the Ventrillo Harassment videos, and I'm pretty sure the first Youtube Poop I watched must have been "What's For Dinner?" by D2RCR.

First Poop

"That's Terribly Sexy" under the youtube channel "Mastapip"


This video uses samples from "To Catch a Predator" and surprisingly has >17k vews.

Tennis Matches

IN PROGRESS (ok they're not really in progress anymore, but there were some good vids in each of these tennises).

  • Jallerbo vs TofuCakeCan (4 rounds finished)
  • Tofucakecan vs CaptnMorshu vs TheBigL1 vs Melon God - Commercial themed tennis (11 of 12 rounds finished)
  • Gimpnipples vs Tofucakecan vs IAMSAPER vs CreepahWeegie (7 of 12 rounds finished)
  • Gimpnipples vs MisterCornflakes vs Bloodis vs TofuCakeCan (5 of 12 rounds finished)
  • Waymu3 vs Dieathan vs TofuCakeCan (6 of 9 rounds finished)


  • Amitbendor vs Jacobketronct vs Tofucakecan vs IAMSAPER - 11 rounds originally, two have been taken down.
  • Tofucakecan vs Superchops - "Ambient" themed Tennis

I'm still open to tennis matches, except that I'm pretty slow at making rounds these days.

Published Collabs I've Participated In

  • The Minipoop Collab
  • The Ten Second Collab 3
  • The Top Gear Collab
  • The Christmas Special Collab
  • The Seizure collab II
  • The Design the Skyline Collab
  • The Pornography Collab (This was hosted by 1Superchops, and wasn't on Youtube obviously)
  • The Cooking Collab (I hosted this one)
  • The 7 Second Collab (This one has been taken down)
  • The 5 Second Collab
  • The 4th Ten Second Collab
  • The 20 Minute Collab
  • The "Bad Music Video" Collab (I hosted this one)
  • The Robotnik Collab III
  • The Barbie Chainsaw Remix Collab
  • The Camwhore Collab 3
  • The Commercial Collab
  • The YTP Telephone Collab/Compliation
  • The Fifth "Ten Seconds" Collab
  • The Ambience Collab
  • The All Out Motherfucking Brain Rape Collab
  • The No Sources Collab II
  • The 7Th Stutter Collab
  • The Anything Goes 30 Seconds Collab III
  • The 1-Hour YTP Challenge

There is a playlist on my Youtube channel that has links to all the published collabs.

Articles For YouChew

  • Netflix That Shit - Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares
  • Go Green: A Case For Marijuana
  • Doug Griffin: Secret Agent Teacher
  • Netflix That Shit - Breaking Bad
  • Big Fucking Business - An Interview with TimoteiLSD

I've also contributed to the "Recommended Monthly Poops" several months

Favorite Poopers/influences

  • UncleSamEagle
  • Superchops
  • ButtonsTheDragon
  • Sanemurzu
  • TimoteiLSD
  • TheRazorEdge
  • SaturdayNightCleaner
  • MadAnonymous

More later when I think of em.