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Funimation Update Quickie

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The Funimation update was made by Funimation to inform the fans of the latest anime news, as well as promote their contests and stuff, and just show what the cast and crew do in their spare time. Scott Porter hosted the Weekly Update, and Todd Haberkorn hosted the Monthly Update, which is the first update of the month and is usually longer and delves deeper into production, whereas although Scott's updates are serious sometimes, they are often just him goofing off and self-deprecating him...self.

One notable event was the Friendcision 2008, when a new host hosted the weekly updates, while there was a contest for who would make the best Myspace friend; Todd or Scott? ...But the winner was never announced because Scott went crazy fighting zombies, Todd had spent too much time in Castle--err, Translyvania and had also gone crazy, and they ended up fighting each other and accidentally killed the new host. So, everything returned to how it was before, with nobody mourning the new host, and no one remembered the past events, mainly because it was all just one of Chris Sabat's crazy dreams.

Media Information[edit]

  • Internet podcast
  • Company: Funimation
  • Place of Origin: Texas, USA
  • Time: 2008-2009 (appears to have finished)


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  • Temporarily, the podcast was taken over by a cruel man named Ivan, who fired Scott as podcast producer and scriptwriter and directed the podcast his way, causing Scott to quit. However, Scott got his job back because Ivan moved to France to get boating lessons.
  • Scott has a crush on Claire from Claymore and once attempted (and failed) to marry her.
  • Scott once rebuilt himself as a robot, and he became faster than Sonic and fought off a dinosaur.
  • The station was once attacked by a giant 600-foot-tall mech driven by a talking pair of panties, but Robo-Scott fought it off. It is implied that he just set the whole thing up to make himself look good, the mech was a toaster and Robo-Scott was really just the Scout, who was only in it for the money.
  • Todd has four dogs and will eat anything... except kale. Seriously. NO KALE.
  • Scott is responsible for selling underwear with evil mind-sucking termites in them to people all around the world, of all genders, colours and countries. So, uh... yeah.
  • Dr. Robotnik is Funimation's only subscriber, and is a fan of the quickies, although he doesn't like J. Michael Tatum and his terrible jokes, and he was horribly offended when they showed all the fanservice in My Santa.
  • Scott has survived for years on a diet consisting of peanut butter and nothing else.
  • Not fondly liked by Anakaris.

Main Source for Poopers[edit]

Funimation (mp4 format only)