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Hayate the Combat Butler

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The three main characters of the series; Hayate, Nagi and Maria.


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This is basically every male/female conversation in the entire series.

Hayate the Combat Butler is a romantic comedy series created by Kenjiro Hata. It stars an unlucky fellow named Hayate Ayasaki who has to repay a debt, so he becomes a girl's butler. The series' chapters are not usually part of a jointed plot, and frequently contain surreal humour. For example, one of the characters is a poetic white tiger who plays electric guitar, and his rival is a cat named Shiranui who is hinted to be Light Yagami. Also, Santa Claus appears and refuses to give presents to Hayate because his family is poor. I'm not kidding you. It began as a manga and has inspired an anime series renewed for a second season. It has been received well and is rumoured to be translated in English one day (the manga is currently being translated by Viz Media). The series contains lots of self-referential humour, as everyone is aware they are in a manga/anime. Hina even comments after tasting food that the things they're saying are better suited for cooking manga. It also contains references to other series like Pokémon, Kekkaishi, Sgt. Frog, Mobile Suit Gundam, and a certain other competing anime also full of pop-culture references, although they are censored to avoid copyright. Being a romantic comedy, a lot of the humour is focused on character relationships and the like. Also, everyone is drawn in an incredibly cute style (called "moe"), even though the writer is a man. Why? Because it would be creepy if they were drawn seriously, that's why. Now onto buisness.

It's also the name and title of the main character.

Media Information[edit]

  • Type of media: Manga, anime, light novels
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Ran from: 2004-present
  • Created by Kenjiro Hata


With emphasis given to those seen in Youtube Poops

  • Hayate Ayasaki - The main character; he is a highly unfortunate butler with a feminine side.
    • Hermione Ayasaki - Hayate's alter ego, "she" was created by a curse that caused Hayate to wear women's clothing.
  • Negi Nagi Sanzenin - One of the main heroines; Nagi is self-conscious about her height and underdevelopment.
  • Maria - Maria is one of the main characters and the maid of the Sanzenin family. Hayate has a crush on her.
  • Tama - The Sanzenin family's talking white tiger.
  • Shiranui - Nagi's pet cat. He's a lot more sinister than he looks and wants Tama dead.
  • Klaus - The old butler of the Sanzenins, he spends his time with Tama ranting about his lack of screentime.
  • Santa Claus - Needs no introduction.
  • Sakuya Aizawa - A goyl who speaks wit dat Kansai dialect. Hermione Ayasaki's existence is totally her fault.
  • Hinagiku Katsura - The student council president, she has a crush on Hayate.
  • Yukiji Katsura - Hina's alcoholic, dirt-poor older sister, who leeches off Hina for money and spends it in two seconds.
  • Izumi Segawa - One of Hayate's classmates who has sworn to marry him. That guy is a chick magnet and he only cares for one person. Damn. Her friends are Miki and Riza who are... pretty much just... there.
  • Isumi Saginomiya - A timid girl who can't do anything right.
  • Wataru Tachibana - He works at the video store with his maid Saki.
  • Ayumu Nishizawa - One of Hayate's former classmates. She has (you guessed it!) a crush on him.
  • Kazuki Nishizawa - Ayumu's brother; he likes Nagi and accidentally professed his love to a huge crowd.
  • Saki Kijima - Wataru's bespectacled maid who seeks a husband.
  • Rean Radiostar - A deceased priest who the writer considers closest to himself.
  • Kotetsu - Izumi's perverted butler and older twin who loves Hayate after seeing him in women's clothing. He tries to get into his pants at every opportunity available. Every opportunity.
  • Kyonosuke Kaoru - A teacher who gets bossed around by Yukiji. He spends his time collecting robot figures.
  • Sonia Shaflnarz - A nun who has a crush on Wataru despite being several years older than him.
  • Zangief - In this story, Zangief appears as a recurring thug character.
  • Dhalsim - A recurring thug character who seems to get more hair every time he appears.
  • Mecha Butler - The Mecha Butler is a robotic butler hired by Klaus as a temporary replacement for Hayate.
Zangief and Dhalsim once appeared in this manga.



NinjaCoachZ has made two full poops of this series, although one of them was never released due to its poor quality. It's a bit tricky to poop since the English translation of the anime has not been released yet, but it's still workable. NinjaCoachZ has also sprinkled it into several of his other poops. BillyMorshu was one of the first to use it.

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  • The anime has yet to be released (officially) in North America, but there is indeed an English dub in existence. It has been produced and aired in Southeast Asia.

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