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Homestar Runner

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This article is about the website. The main character is over here.

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Everybody! Everybody!

Tooons! Games! Chawactews! Downloads! Stowe! Hee-hee-mail! -Homestar Runner


Homestar Runner is an awesome website created by two guys, Mike and Matt Chapman, who formerly fronted the indie rock band The New You and the underground hip-hop group 3-Dee. It mainly stars Homestar Runner, a well-meaning, not-too-smart athlete and his rival Strong Bad. The website was originally just meant to show their cartoons off to their friends, but when people found out about it, it became one of the most popular websites on the entire Internet. There are some spin-off cartoons too, like the Strong Bad E-mail, Powered by The Cheat, and "futuristic" (anime) and "past" (1930's cartoon) versions of the cartoon. The series also has a disturbingly flasified accurate wiki, and a video game series on the Nintendo Wii's Wiiware called "Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People" by the developers of Sam & Max. Also, not a single person dislikes it, and several poopers are noted fans.

Oh yeah, and there's a store with DVDs, figurines, shirts and playsets. Check it out, mon.

Media Information[edit]

  • Type of Media: Online web cartoon, video game
  • Ran for: 2000-2010 (Actually ran earlier on other products such as Mario Paint.)
  • Country of Origin: The U.S.A.
  • Created by Mike Chapman, Matt Chapman and Craig Zobel

In Short[edit]

A bunch of dumb animals run around making fun of each other.


With emphasis given to those seen in Youtube Poops

  • Homestar Runner - The main character.
  • Strong Bad - The rambling wreck of e-mail check!
  • Pom Pom - Homestar's best friend. He's a suave ladies' man despite being a big yellow ball who speaks in bubble language.
  • The Cheat - Strong Bad's pet/best friend who likes making bad Flash cartoons.
  • Strong Sad - Strong Bad's emo brother who looks like an elephant.
  • Coach Z - A perverted, rapping coach with more than two praeblems.
  • The King of Town - The king of the town.
  • Bubs - A fat, African store owner who enjoys having boring conversations with Coach Z and possibly dealing drugs.
  • Marzipan - Homestar's girlfriend. She's not a broom, really.
  • Strong Mad - GARBLEDINA!
  • Homsar - "Oh no! You just shanked mah jengaship!" This distorted version of Homestar is the best character in the series.
  • Trogdor - Trogdor was a man! Or... he was a DRAGON-MAN!! Well, maybe he was just a dragon. But he was still TROGDOR!!!!
  • Stinkoman - Strong Bad's blue-haired anime counterpart.
  • Eh! Steve! - EH! STEVE!
  • Senor Cardgage - A creepy old man who tends to invent his own words and looks suspiciously like Strong Bad.
  • Marshie - A creepy marshmallow mascot.
    • Gel-Arshie - HE'S AN ABOMINATION! And he's coming to your house after school...
  • Horrible Painting - COME ON IN HERE...
  • The Announcer - Some announcer guy.
  • Mr. Bland - The prince of plain, the master of mundane!
  • Señor - He's having a little trouble...


There are several full Homestar poops out there, and it has been sprinkled into several poops as well.

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Further Information[edit]

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Homestar caught in bed with Strong Sad.
  • Homestar can do Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (with the aid of a rope).
  • There are made-up arcade games on the website that are actually really fun. Of particular note are Stinkoman 20X6 and Peasant's Quest.
  • Homestar is such a good athlete, he somersaulted around the world fifty times and only stopped because he got really tired. Now that takes dedication.
  • Homestar was once caught sleeping with Strong Sad, seen to the right.
  • Does anybody in this series wear pants?
  • The creators have a goat fetish.
  • Daaa, Ah was raised by a cup o' coffee.

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