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This article refers to either a food found in Youtube Poop, or an article related to food. Either way, it sure is delicious. MMMMMMMMMM, food!

Eggs are a nutritious yet (somewhat) fattening food that can be eaten boiled, scrambled, fried, deviled, or even poached. They also bear some significance towards reproduction.

A picture of eggs!



Characters Who Like Eggs

Characters Who HATE Eggs

Yoshi's Egg


Characters Related To Eggs



  • The yolk from the eggs goes great with toast, bagels, English muffins, and other stuff like that.
  • Sometimes used to make bagels and other stuff, primarily baked goods.
  • Are shaped like Robotnik.
  • It is recommended you don't eat them raw (unless you are Rocky Balboa) or with the shell (unless you are Gaston).
  • Shaquille O'Neal once said in the "Kazaam" movie "Let's green egg and ham it!"
  • An ingredient in the Scoopa Koopa.
  • Smells like sulfur if you let them rot (especially in the fridge).
  • Commonly used in signatures on the forums to hatch Pokémon.
  • If you have eggs for breakfast waaaaay too many times, you're going to get tired of them.
  • Those are NOT Joanna eggs in the picture.
  • I am the Eggman.
    • They are the eggmen.
      • I am the Walrus.
        • Goo-goo g'joob!