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Fat Luigi

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Fat Luigi, often known as Fatass Luigi, was a mistake created by Dr. Robotnik and Dr. Rabbit from a strand of Luigi's hair. He was originally used to make sure that Luigi would never get a truly good game of his own, but he gained the mindframe of the original Luigi and his first thing that he did was disobey both of their orders. Fatass Luigi decided that he didn't have to listen to their orders so he jumped on top of them. The results of that would be that Dr. Robotnik would be severely injured, but not in a crippled type of way, while Dr. Rabbit would be in a comatose state and would lead to him almost dying. Fatass Luigi then realized that that he needed to eat more shit so that he could actually kill alot of people. So he left for a year so that he would eat so much shit, that it would actually kill about 20 or so people when he landed and injure over thousands of people.

A Seperate Version of Him In Super Mario World[edit]

Fat Luigi imitating a chicken.

Fat Luigi is an elusive form of Luigi created when he eats too many Scoopa Koopas. In addition to becoming obese, he also behaves like a weird chicken thing and flies. He has a severe egg addiction, much to Egg Luigi's despair.

His Return In Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story[edit]

When he returned a few years later, he would crush entire cities, but both Mario & the original Luigi weren't found in any of those cities, including the Mushroom Kingdom. One day, he would learn that those two sons of bitches were in the past fighting the Shroobs. During that revelation, he decided to see Professor E. Gadd to invent a machine so that he would be able to destroy Luigi from the inside out. Unfortunently, E. Gadd knew about his schemes and he decided to put his mindframe inside Luigi and not harm him in any way. Fortunetly for Fatass Luigi, he would return inside Luigi himself, but only when he eats enough food from Italy (Excluding any types of meat.) and/or all types of sweets. When he does return though, he gets aid from Mario and squishes enough people to equate the power of WTF BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not all of his original fatass type of power has returned as of yet, but he does get back to that form, he will find a way to escape from Luigi once and for all.


  • Is not related to Fat Mario.
  • Yoshi also became fat, but he didn't change a bit. (Except his weight.)
  • Is so fat he is making the earth below him sink, but he is not nearly as fat as Fat Mario.
  • Once ate Heavy Weapons Guy while on a food binge.
  • He'll eat anything, edible or not, but Scoopa Koopas and their eggy deliciousness hold a dear place to his heart.
    • Speaking of hearts, his cholesterol is spreading to the inside of it because there's so much in his diet.
  • Enjoys knocking over meditative octopi with earthquakes.
  • He even ate a Wailord once, and the Skitty it was having sex with. Now that's what I call a fat motherfucker (I.E., ruin some Hot Skitty On Wailord Action.).
  • Died on September 14, 2007, of a severe heart attack.
  • He was revived by Fat Mario with Volvic Revive and reduced to a relatively-speaking lean weight of 5000 pounds because Fat Mario absorbed his Fat Tax from him that day .