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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Oldgeezer.png This pooper is Retired. Respect your elders, sonny!

In brief

A pooper who plays tennis frequently and makes lots of Naruto/Dragon Ball Z poops.


  • He tennised AfricanSandDog667, theSadMushroom/TheHappyFungus and Wizkid837 (whom he won against). In particular, he tennised TheHappyFungus twice.
  • Made one last poop in June 2008 and has announced a hiatus; he says that he might just stop pooping altogether. He once considered closing his account, but he didn't. After a yearlong hiatus, he made two more Youtube Poop videos in November 2009 only to stop once more. This time, it's most likely permanent. He cited his lack of ideas, his subscribers only wanting to see more Naruto, and his low self-esteem.

First poop made

Cockashi's Barnyard Mouth



Mostly audio/video distortion, as well as sentence mixing. He tended to use screamers/shock images in his early videos.

Preferred Sources

Preferred Tech

Sony Vegas.


His poops have met positive response, though he isn't too fond of some of them. His poops are especially received well by anime fanboys.


Often criticized for using too many screamers and gay jokes.


  • Has 128,000 views on "Narut0 is a Homosexual Believe It!" . Ironically, he happens to strongly dislike this video and plans on remaking it someday.


  • Is the first person to make a poop out of Samurai Jack.
  • Has nearly 2000 subscribers, likely because of his preferred sources.


Other Information

  • Not related to UberNooberPooper.
  • Diddy Kong can be seen as a little "Easter egg" in some of his later videos.
  • Ironically once said that he hates tennis.

Poop Listing

Name Date Uploaded Length
Cockashi's Barnyard Mouth 10-10-07 3:41
The Secret Sauce 10-16-07 2:56
Ello Pudding 10-24-07 2:08
The Closest Thing to Satan is Wishbone 10-27-07 1:26
The Iron Chef Stadium is Located in The Orange Box 10-29-07 1:24
Google Maps Are Not in Your Local Library 11-1-07 2:07
The African Zone 1-2-08 1:18
Da Balls are Inert 1-6-08 1:02
Barney and Norm have Inert Balls 1-7-08 1:00
Narut0 is a Homosexual Believe It! 1-20-08 3:15
By the Look on Your Face 1-29-08 2:44
Ello Pudding (The Sequel) 2-9-08 4:23
Goku Looks for a Dick 2-12-08 2:41
Everyone Wants the Jug of Cum 2-17-08 3:57
This is the Morning Report! 3-3-08 1:27
The Report is Destroyed 3-4-08 1:07
Sonic Ran Out of Urine 3-8-08 1:03
Tony the Tiger's Battle with NAROOOOTOE 3-14-08 3:34
Up in SMOOOOOOOKE! 3-17-08 4:16
Today's the Day 3-25-08 2:28
There is No More Penis in Hyrule! 3-31-08 1:04
You're Crazy, Sauce-Gay! 4-21-08 1:10
Sauce-Gay is Replaced with Ramen 5-11-08 1:04
McCain's Important Speech 6-25-08 0:44
Oh Yeah... The Last Piece Of Meat 11-6-09 2:10
Betta Make That, Sprayo-Mayo 11-8-09 1:33