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Sesame Street

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Name: Sesame Street
Country of Origin: USA
Type of Source: TV show
Created By: PBS
Year Created: 1969


Sesame Street is the greatest thing to happen to television.
-Orson Welles. I'm completely serious.

Sesame Street is an extremely long-running educational kids' show. The show features puppet-based characters called "Muppets" that were created by Jim Henson. It has little in the way of plot and serves as a way to entertain and educate kids. The main draw to the show was it's ability to entertain children with it's fun and unique characters and entertaining adults with it's pop culture references and celebrity guest appearances. The show has achieved mass success and is broadcast in over 120 different countries.

There was a film called Follow that Bird, and even the cynical Nostalgia Critic loves this series way too much to make fun of it.

Media Information[edit]

  • Educational TV show
  • Has over 4,300 episodes and over 42 seasons
  • Countless celebrities have appeared on the show.


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Lots. This show has over 4,000 episodes, (no joke!) and I really don't feel like covering them all.


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