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Furby Island

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MediaNice.jpg This article is about a Media Source, which is remixed to create a YouTube Poop.

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Name: Furby Island
Country of Origin: USA
Type of Source: Movie
Created By: Hasbro
Year Created: 2005

First Poop: YTStaff ComeAtMe


Furby Island is a movie created to promote King Koopa's incarnation of the Furby and to possibly brainwash thousands of innocent children. According to a legend, the movie was only broadcasted twice on Nickelodeon, and once on The Hub to promote the 2012 incarnation of Furby. It was once a rare, impossible to find movie which was basically presumed lost until YTStaff ComeAtMe found it on Dailymotion, somehow downloaded it and made a YouTube Poop using it, also leaking it to YouChew and two Furby fansites in the whole process.

Media Information[edit]

  • Type of Source: Film
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What you might be like during or after this movie, or simply your reaction to it even existing.
  • Creators: Hasbro
  • Dates: 2005
  • Country of Origin: USA


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E-Hai as seen if you take magic drugs
  • Maddie - The main protagonist of Furby Island, who attempts to save the Furbies from a genocide planned by Doctor Conquest, somehow succeeding.
  • Ty - Maddie's annoying little brother who could quite possibly be the stereotype of every 10-year old boy in the modern age.
  • Doctor Conquest - A doctor who attempts to commit the outright genocide of the Furby race. It didn't go well.
  • Furby (of course!) - The titular creature of the movie who live on an island and are nearly wiped out by Doctor Conquest, only for him to have his butt kicked by Maddie.
    • E-Loh - Probably the main Furby of the movie, basically Maddie's companion after she finds him or her. Not much is known about it.
    • E-Hai - The Furby form of basically every 10-year old boy in the modern age. Likes taking magic drugs.


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The Demoman after learning of the existence of this movie.

Further information[edit]

  • Rumored that only 10 people died during the initial broadcast, followed by 12 more on it's second, and 8 on it's third.
  • After this movie was leaked to Furby fansites by none other than YTStaff ComeAtMe, they exploded of happiness.
  • Is probably the ONLY source from Nickelodeon that ISN'T blacklisted.
  • Has never been released on DVD, except for Australia.
  • After the movie was uploaded to YouTube, Erika Hodges, the voice of Maddie, actually asked for a link to download the movie!

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The complete movie Download

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