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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Closed.png The account StickerBoyTheNextGen has been Closed.
Closed.png The account StickerBoyALT has been Closed.

In brief[edit]

Hello there! I'm StickerBoyTheNextGen. You can also call me "StickerMan," or "Kyle." You can call me "StickerBoy" for short. Hope it won't be a bother to you, dude. Just to let you know, I happen to be a great YouTube Pooper, as you could tell by my videos starting with "Spingebill Learns That Skidworm Has No Errands."


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Does this look unsure to you?

Back when he first discovered YouTube Poop, he was looking through videos and saw this video from a guy named TTIpoop, which was called "When's it Gonna Explode?" In his opinion, it was pretty good, but didn't quite get it until he looked at a whole slew of videos featuring the diabolical Dr. Robotnik. He learned to figure out what this sensation really meant. I had a Windows 95 computer while doing so. He didn't have a video-editing tool that was made for Windows 95. Sooner on Christmas Day, 2008, he got a new computer with a Windows XP OS. The next thing he knew was that he decided to download a few videos and a video editing program, most notibly Sony Vegas, and he did my work on his first attempt on a YouTube Poop entitled "Green Why and Sex" The urge to create YouTube Poop was growing and then moved on to more poops and shorties, including his first, "Aardvark Tries Speaking Backwards." Yes, this was the first instance of using the Ant and the Aardvark in his YouTube Poop, therefore making it one of his former sources. His works haven't got much views because he wasn't too great at ideas at first. Soon afterwards, his brain came up with new jokes and soon worked up a true self-proclaimed masterpiece called "Spingebill Learns That Skidworm Has No Errands." It earned a lot of views than every one of his past poops. The poop exhibits clever jokes, lots of sentence-mixing, and well-thought masking. It did so well, he proceeded to make a sequel entitled "Skidworm the Bad Neighbor" and expanded to more videos, which then formed a series called "The Death-inducing Misadventures of Skidworm."

Later his main account was hacked and multiple videos were deleted. Soon after in Febuary 2012 his account was closed by another hacking. His second account was closed by the same hacking. His current account goes by the name of "StickerBoyNextGen."


First poop seen[edit]

"When's it Gonna Explode?" made by TTIpoop

First poop made[edit]

Green Why and Sex Video no longer found.

Favorite YouTube Poop[edit]

An Angelic Tale

Favorite YouTube Poop Made by Self[edit]

The Intermable Fiasco with Skidworm


His first few YouTube Poops had a slow storyline from start to end. After progressing and progressing over with many new poops, it's improving smoothly, using Chroma Keying and sentence mixing. As explained above, he made a big improvement when he created "Spingebill Learns That Skidworm Has No Errands" and he became much popular.

Preferred Sources[edit]

Preferred Methods[edit]

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I prefer Stocking as my favorite character on "Panty and Stocking"

Preferred Tools[edit]

Things that he loves[edit]

  • YouTube Poop
  • Classic cartoons such as Looney Tunes and the Pink Panther
  • Mario crap
  • SpongeBob
  • Panty and Stocking
  • Pokemon
  • Sonic the Hedgehog, Robotnik and his homosexual ways
  • Anything he uses as source for YouTube Poops


  • Bad people who are trolls
  • Overused memes because it seems too familiar
  • People who hate my videos severely.
  • Sicknesses and all other evil contaminations
  • Getting stuck on ideas and jokes when making his next YouTube Poop.
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My earliest attempt at masking. I didn't get the outlines, but it was worth a try.



  • He has over 350 subscribers, as a matter of fact.
  • Spingebill Learns That Skidworm Has No Errands has became an Honorable Mention in KevinTAckerman's Top Ten Monthly Poops of September 2012
  • The Interminatable Fiasco with Skidworm has recieved 6th place in the Top Ten Monthly Poops of November 2012

List of Poops[edit]


His history of YouTube Poops start out as bland and uninteresting, but as he progressed forward, he made new improvements, learned new methods, and bends the tricks of his trade in the field of YouTube Poop. Soon afterwards, he created "Spingebill Learns That Skidworm Has No Errands," which brought in a lot of viewers, positive feedback, and, we don't want to keep repeating it over again, he became popular.

Name Date Uploaded Length
Green WHY?! and Sex 4-23-09 3:35
Timon and Pumbaa Doesn't Do Weasels 6-29-09 8:02
Robotnik Goes to the Dentist 6-05-10 1:49
Sneezy as a Peacock 10-24-10 2:43
How to Haunt Out the Ugly Barnacle 10-29-10 2:40
Pumbaa's MassachuZits 11-07-10 3:27
Robotnik Breaks His Breakfast Table (First instance of Panty and Stocking in my YouTube Poops) 12-08-10 4:41
The Dispute for RAWR Who Roast Beast 12-24-10 1:16
Aardvark Tries Speaking Backwards 12-29-10 5:04
Leo is in Denial Thanks to the Cereal He Created to Crack Everybody Up 12-29-10 0:59
Robotnik Builds 19 Birthday Parties Before He Extends His Fortress Again (This is for you, BMATF) 1-08-11 1:54
Pink Panther Lusts for a Pickle 1-19-11 3:21
Robotnik Eats Dr. Dolittle 2-07-11 3:03
Pink Panther Expresses Himself on the Monkey Bars 2-16-11 0:39
El Toro's Guardian Angel Becomes a Hooker 2-27-11 1:02
Pink Panther Contacts an Umpire 3-09-11 2:20
Aardvark Won't Do Drugs 3-11-11 0:51
YTPMV - Aquatic Aardvark Zone 3-13-11 0:38
Regular Wars Episode IV: A Nude Hope 3-14-11 0:56
Diddy Kong's Unhealthy Obsession with His Big Fat Butt 3-20-11 2:11
Bugs Bunny Fails to Retrieve Computer Data 3-30-11 0:36
Daffy vs Art 5-15-11 8:27
Robotnik Watches the Pink Panther from Start to Finish 6-21-11 2:56
A Bear's Tale 5-15-11 2:09
Robotnik Slaps the Alaskan-Branded Sandwich 5-15-11 2:03
Spingebill Learns That Skidworm Has No Errands 9-05-12 3:20
Skidworm the Bad Neighbor 10-04-12 2:43
The Interminatable Fiasco with Skidworm 11-25-12 3:48
Gassy the Perverted Pirate and His Pet Skidworm 2-09-13 2:38
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My feelings towards the thought of running out of ideas.


Collabs Started:

Collabs My Entries Are Included In:

  • Mirror Effect Collab
  • Pan/Crop Collab
  • Woody Woodpecker Collab
  • Regular Show Collab
  • Seizure Collab
  • 1-2 Frames Collab
  • My Little Pony Collab (pikalax1)
  • Jim Henson Collab
  • Donkey Kong Collab
  • Sonic 2 YTPMV Collab
  • One Second Split Collab
  • Cap'n Lou/SMBSS Collab
  • TV Show/Movie Intro Collab
  • Blue Collab
  • There's My Favorite Ford Sign Collab
  • VHS Opening/Closing Collab
  • Innovation in Simplicity Collab
  • Dr. Rabbit Revival Collab
  • Robotnik Collab III
  • Ten Seconds Collab 4
  • AwfulFawfultheFalafe's Spingebill Collab
  • Mario Land Collab 2.5

Collabs My Entries Havn't Made it to:

  • Bugs Bunny Collab
  • Looney Tunes Show Collab (late)
  • Koopaling Collab
  • 10 Second Collab (late)


Wants to play:

Has played with:

  • ttipoopfinal
  • seconteen
  • RobochaoXX and Jason in a three-way match
  • sonicdevil1816
  • CaptainStringCheese and Absol
  • theFXexpert26
  • TheRaz0rEdge in a Pink Panther Tennis
  • The King's Speech
  • Chibicyndaquil in a volley
  • Chibicyndaquil, IAMSAPER, autumnithink, and japper12321 in a five-way
  • Ashcrement
  • The Neoprene Junebug, ChrisGendo, TheRaz0rEdge, and MountainDewMaNN in a five-way

Currently playing: Unknown



  • He has autism.
  • Though he is autistic, he is very intelligent.
  • He has experience making YouTube Poops from many people who did the same.
  • He prefers to take time while making his videos
  • He is also considered to be a party animal.
  • He prefers Stocking as his favorite anime character, Squidward as his favorite victim in the Skidworm YouTube Poop series, and Daffy Duck as the selfish fowl.


In Real Life[edit]

Unknown, prefers to not give out personal information



He can be funny, smart, sweet, pure, kind, sophisticated, and somewhat obsessive with certain stuff. He was born with autism, as in his brain corrupts and shuts off upon working through. Even though he lives by the fact, he still works on YouTube Poops.


My Avatar and Faves Gallery[edit]