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He's known on the forum as simply... Jintai. He began to watch youtube poop in early 2008, he had no real idea on how to make his own through movie maker, until he searched for it on google, which also lead him to find youchew, he had discovered more videos of poopers around that time and wanted to join, but soon after he had to leave to go swim, with fries still in the oven, when he had gotten back he had walked into a kitchen fire and had fled, after the firemen arrived he had to leave to Akron in care of his oldest brother, since he didn't have any internet access, he was forced to watch poop at the library.

A few months later he had gotten home to a new house, unfortunately having no internet, after a few months of getting things into shape, it had arrived. The first thing he did was find out how to make poops on youchew, however he didn't sign up until about 7-8 vids later. When he finally joined youchew he was still quite the lame, having to endure his mistakes and learn from them, making lots of friends and enemies along the way, and increasing his pooping skills quite well. These days he's not as active on pooping as he use to be, he's more into making his VG music than most things, aside from that he's still around.

Jintai is known for lots of things, from his like of fighting games to his koopaling obsession, and being another pokeplayer like many youchew users. On youchew He has many friends (the closest of them being Cynnicio, Eisen, Nazeem, Rokto [DoctorOctorok], and mostly known Zevifa), he doesn't talk to most people much, and can be pretty outspoken at some moments. Though he's that way, he's still a good guy at heart. Yep that's Jintai.

He's known on YouTube under the name anotherfreakingguy.