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User.jpg  This article is about Crazy Luigi, a Chewiki Sysop and a User on this Wiki.
Crazy Luigi's Advice for Newcomers for the Chewiki:

  • One thing NOT to do when creating a new page for an article is having something like "*insert thing here* is this, that, and blah, blah, blah, blah, d fasdhfaslhgasghirelesd." That's a quick way to know that an article is terrible, and an easier way to make it deleted.
    • It's especially terrible to create articles that show that you're pro-something or anti-something. An example I advise you not to follow is NintendoMax/FroggoFan64's "pro Timmy-Tootie" and "Anti Timmy Turner-Trixie Tang" stuff, because that could easily lead to you having a tarnished reputation.
  • If someone has a problem with something that you do, it's advised that you follow what they say (like for example, capitalizing letters in two word sentences).
  • If you think that you could create something for an article that doesn't exist yet, then DO IT!! That shows that you have plentiful balls, which are a good thing to have in life.
  • Sometimes, special symbols or whatever they're called are helpful. Other times, they could end up getting in your way; so always preview your edits before you submit them here.
  • And above all (I'm quoting from someone else here), "don't link to other words too much." That's self explanatory.

Hi, I'm Tommy Wiseau, and this is my Tommy Wishow!

Pooper page: Doesn't have one because he doesn't have a YouTube account yet... FFFFFFFFFFF- Check out my official YouTube Poop Profile Page here.

Are You On The YouChew Forums?[edit]

Not at first, but now I am. However, I decided to go with a different and (somewhat) unique name for 2010 and 2011. If you've see the name "Flan Master of Redrum" around these parts, then that's me! However, on Halloween weekend of 2010, I've played as former Phoenix Sun & Dallas Maverick and (sigh...) current L.A. Laker Steve Nash, while for the Halloween weekend of 2011, I went as Princess Luna with her "Luna Eclipsed" behavior. The latter costume ended up winning me 3rd place and 10,000 Chewbucks with 11 candies due to how well I acted as her, more or less. In 2012's shortened Halloween, I went out as "PETA Snivy", which is basically the Snivy seen in PETA's Pokemon game. That costume gave me 12 candies, yet I was tied in 5th place with Tsar Sparky and wootsman's characters. 2013 had myself as Hiei, but that wasn't as fun as the other two (although I did win an award for it). I also had my voice entered into one of PapaGonzales's special YouTube videos. My voice can be found at 2:46 in this video. I've also met up with Combuskenisawesome twice on 2012 in Glendale, Arizona, which makes him the only one who knows who I really am.

Did You Even Make A YouTube Poop?[edit]

I did make one back in 2008, but that Poop is gone forever. From what I can recall, it was over 9 minutes long, it began with Mario saying "Disco!" and some dancing with some characters (especially some from Big Money Hu$tla$) dancing to Michael Jackson's Billie Jean before Mario contradicted himself by saying "Fuck Disco!" I decided to have lots of Big Money Hu$tla$ scenes involved with some of the then-considered "AIDS" stuff because I wanted to have some old filled in with some new. As of now, I don't really have the time nor the patience nor the software nor even a YouTube account to fill that order again. But I feel like somehow, someway, someday, I'll fill my YouTube Poop quota and truly be considered a proud YouTube Pooper.

Ignore the last few sentences now! I officially made a YouTube Poop for real on October 28, 2013 as a part of YouChew's Halloween YouTube Poop Contest. The YouTube Poop that I made was called "Willy Wonka & Johnny Depp Take A Trip Down The River Styx", the YouTube Poop was made with Sony Vegas Pro 8, and the YouTube Poop ended up being a runner-up in the contest (with 5 votes over the winner's 12). The sources involved with the YouTube Poop this time were done by using the original Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory film and some scenes from the first four A Nightmare On Elm Street films.

Articles That I Made[edit]

Also, I do help out with Recommended YouTube Poop articles.

{{#ev:youtube|QqRkmDiqfAo|320}}Watch this video at the end. I have a shout out. :3


I don't know; I mean, it's been too long since I first edited.



{{#ev:youtube|sgA_UBHFASQ|320}}Listen to this... it helps sooth the environment that you're currently in.

Articles That I Rewrote From Scratch[edit]

  • I'm not sure if I did anything like that, unless you count re-editing edits by some trolls involved.

Made Major Additions To[edit]

A picture that used to be found on his signature.

Plans To Create Articles For[edit]

  • Deadpool (Just need to write it in a way that makes it look like it was written by him.)
  • Pinkie Pie (Writing it down better than what a fan-made Wiki did can be tough, but it'd be a nice challenge.)

Templates Made[edit]

Categories Made[edit]

This used to be found on my signature.
An alternative is also around on these forums somewhere.

Things For My Own Spare Time Here[edit]


...And Now For Something Completely Pointless.[edit]

He holds a different signature for Planet Freedom. It was also part of his signature once.

Your results: You are Dr. Doom. Blessed with smarts and power but burdened by vanity.

  • Dr. Doom: 74%
  • Venom: 58%
  • Lex Luthor: 58%
  • Apocalypse: 57%
  • Magneto (MASTER OF MAGNET!): 56%
  • Dark Phoenix: 53%
  • Two-Face: 53%
  • The Joker: 52%
  • Kingpin: 51%
  • Mr. Freeze: 50%
  • Catwoman: 45%
  • The Juggernaut (BITCH!): 45%
  • The Riddler: 42%
  • Mystique: 37%
  • Green Goblin: 33%
  • Poison Ivy: 29%

Please buy my book at, I am poor. :(