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Qsoft1.JPG This article is about a type of Software used in making poops.

Audacity is an audio editing program. It's freeware, but may require codecs to work with .mp3 files. It is frequently used to make YTPMVs, as well as G Major videos.


Its functions include: trimming sound files with unlimited detail, reversing, changing pitch and tempo, inverting sound phase, adding various effects such as reverb, distortion, wahwah, and much more. It can load multiple audio files and play them all at once. It's often used along with Windows Movie Maker in order to combine multiple audio tracks (e.g. music + effects), something that WMM itself cannot do.

{{#ev:youtube|bo0mXgrLgEg|320}}An example of Audacity glitch effects

On July 4, 2012, HollowTheGuy posted a tutorial on how to use Audacity to create glitch effects to the video itself, establishing a way for even WMM poopers to create outstanding new effects. The process, however, is lengthy, involving a frame-by-frame editing process. Hollow promises to find a way to edit the footage itself... At one point.

People who use this software

A nice trick

Import a stereo audio file into Audacity. Right click on the panel at the left of one of the tracks (there should be 2, one for each ear) and select "Split Stereo". Then, right click on the same panel on each track, and in both cases select "Mono" instead of "Stereo". Select (ctrl+a) ONE of the tracks and choose "Invert Phase" from the effects menu. If the original audio file had good quality, chances are that the vocals are removed from the song and you've got a karaoke version. This may not always work, but it's worth a shot.