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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

Welcome to my Chewiki Article!

In brief[edit]

A pooper from Florida who thought YouTube Poop was the best thing ever. Now makes poops that he thinks are not the best thing ever.


Discovered YouTube Poop when his cousins kept bitching at him to watch one. He refused to watch the videos 'cause he thought they were stupid & worthless (the videos, not his cousins). Apparently he thought correctly about the videos, but he seemed to take a liking to them. He quickly made this his favorite thing to do on the Internet. Later, he became a pooper & became a fan of WalrusGuy. After that, he discovered the wonderful world of Ear Rape & Sony Vegas & here is where we transition to the present. KingSquiggle currently keeps himself active on the Internet by making YouTube Poops & watching them too. KingSquiggle (previously known as McKrazyKing) currently has 38 videos on his main channel.

First poop seen[edit]

YouTube Poop: MAMA LUIGI?! - PivotmasterDX

{{#ev:youtube|lm5w1d_b9hE|320}}McKrazyKing's First YouTube Poop

First poop made[edit]

YouTube Poop: Billy Mays' Hand Band-it


KingSquiggle has only played 1 tennis match & has 3 tennis videos.

Currently Playing[edit]

No one 'cause HE SUCKS COCKS.

{{#ev:youtube|mQWL0saAcbQ|320}}Round 3 of a match between NintyScreen. KingSquiggle's 2nd favorite self-made Poop.

Previously Played[edit]

Would Like to Play[edit]

List of Poops/Videos[edit]

Name Date Uploaded Length
YouTube Poop: Billy Mays' Hand Band-it 6-10-09 1:56
YouTube Poop: Nightmare Before Cave Christmas 9-12-09 8:23
YouTube Poop: Super Pooper Hotel Mario 7-23-09 5:41
Squidward 9-30-09 0:10
YouTube Poop: Luigi Causes the Death of Mario 12-15-09 0:27
YTP: It's More Fun Time When Jane Lynch Breaks Into Your Home Just To Play Xbox 360 12-31-09 0:51
YTPMV: My House 1-24-10 1:31
YouTube Poop: Josh Serves Justice 3-7-10 1:28
Popeye Collab Entry 3-16-10 2:51
My reaction to the new YouTube video page 4-1-10 0:43
YTPMV: MMMMunchy Morshu 4-4-10 0:52
P o M Collab Entry 4-5-10 1:36
Teh Game of Lief 4-12-10 0:35
"Am I Sam?" Collab Entry 4-13-10 1:31
Insult Collab Entry 4-13-10 0:11
Accident Prone Drivers Who Switch Lose All Their Ears 4-28-10 0:48
Catwoman Quits 5-2-10 1:49
Hawaii Chair Beats The Nintendo Wii 6-10-10 0:54
Aspray? More Like Asspray (Literally) 6-14-10 1:03
GAS IN HER ASS 6-18-10 1:03
Marcus Gets Destroyed 7-2-10 0:47
Igor Gets Traded For Minions 7-7-10 0:31
Richie Rich Dies of Casper Disease 7-10-10 0:39
Waldorf Revokes Rowlf's Skateboarding License 7-30-10 1:10
BooooB 10-31-10 1:12
fiddy 10-31-10 1:41
TENNIS: Spaceman Stu Misplaces the Pretzel 1-6-11 0:32
TENNIS: Spaceman Stu Gets Demoted To Scooby-Doo 1-6-11 0:21
TENNIS: Spaceman Stu Responds 9 Days Too Late 1-6-11 0:21
COLLAB: The Retarded Infomercial Collab 1-6-11 6:52
The Greatest YouTube Poop Ever Created 2-17-11 0:58
Johnson's eye spews really nasty material at lizard's face 11-11-13 1:04



Preferred Sources[edit]

  • Stuff off the TV
  • Crappy infomercials/commercials
  • Non-crappy infomercials/commercials
  • Other stuff I can find

Preferred Methods[edit]

Preferred Software[edit]

Sony Vegas


  • Ear Rape
  • Randomness
  • Mild amount of Sentence-Mixing
  • Uploading poops


  • Too much sentence mixing
  • Too much repetitiveness
  • Too much meme use
{{#ev:youtube|kabuYoVcqLg|320}}McKrazyKing's best Poop.


Not many comments have been given for KingSquiggle's poops (which, according to his last dislike, is a good thing), but most of the feedback he's received have been very positive. Some of his feedback has come back as:


Not many negative comments have been given for KingSquiggle's poops, but of the problems his videos had were related to:

  • Misspelling
  • Unsynch'd audio
  • Non-understandable sentence mixing


  • Has reached over 300 subscribers on YouTube. Cool, huh?
  • Has been subscribed by such great poopers as Hurricoaster, magmalord43, LightningLuigi, DoomZappo, Yakkers171717, & AscrementVII.
  • Earned the On A Roll medal on the YouChew Forums.
  • Earned the Popular Guy medal on the YouChew Forums.
  • Earned the Poop Upstart medal on the YouChew Forums.
  • Earned the Meen Master medal on the YouChew Forums.
  • Earned the Fight the Light medal on the YouChew Forums (or at least I got that on the old phpBB forums).



  • McKrazyKing101's username was made up from the Mc in McDonald's & the King in Burger King. The Krazy part was added due to the craziness of the BK King in his commercials (& my IRL craziness), & 101 is just a number taken from his old preffered username, "Homer101."
  • He really doesn't like the "101" in his username & he plans on murdering it in some point in the future.
  • His history of usernames bear a weird resemblance to Kinghomer45's username. Strange.....
  • He'll laugh at anything random or stupid. ANYTHING.
  • The first Poop McKrazyKing has seen was from a user who doesn't regularly create YouTube Poop.