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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
MediaNice.jpg This article is about a Media Source, which is remixed to create a YouTube Poop.
Oldgeezer.png This pooper is Retired. Respect your elders, sonny!
Closed.png The account cartoonlover98 has been Closed.
Closed.png The account HeilSquidward has been Closed.

In brief

Cartoonlover98 is a popular Irish pooper, who uses sources including Thomas and SpongeBob, but also uses obscure sources including The Simpsons, Barney & Friends and Bear in the Big Blue House.


Cartoonlover98 saw his first YouTube Poop in 2010. Two years later, he made his account and has been pooping ever since. He's also begun doing animations with his franchise called, "Doodle Toons"

First Poop Seen

"The Sky Had a Weegee" by: Hurricoaster

First poop made

"Unknown Spongebob poop" Oct 9, 2012 (Deleted)



  • Just like EmperorLemon, cartoonlover98 is home to making 9/11 jokes. In recent years, he has lampshaded the offensiveness of these jokes in-universe.
  • He was accused of using Ear Rape.

Poop Listing

  • YouTube Poop: Tomax is Forced to Spend his Xmas with Muslims
  • YouTube Poop: Tomax Flips Off the Cops
  • YouTube Poop: Benny the Pedosaur
  • YouTube Poop: Tomax Gives Blowjobs to Cartoon Ponies
  • YouTube Poop: A Very Shitty SpingeBill Hanukkah
  • YouTube Poop: Almo Never Shuts the Fuck Up
  • YouTube Poop: Tomax and Burtee Go to Neverland
  • YouTube Poop: Spingebill's Twelve Minutes of Faggotry
  • 200 SUB SPECIAL: Tomax Has a Mid-Life Crisis
  • YouTube Poop: Benny's Unusual Cow Parade
  • YouTube Poop: Tomax Gets Sold on eBay
  • YouTube Poop: Ducky Daff & His Diaphram
  • YouTube Poop: Honree Vs. The Flying Kipper The Dog
  • YouTube Poop: Tomax, Pussy & the Coffee Beans
  • YouTube Poop: Spingebill Invades Wet Dreams
  • YouTube Poop: Tawmee Worships Stalin
  • YouTube Poop: Why are you pooping this episode again?
  • YouTube Poop: Ben10tehloonatic's Ear Rape Party
  • YouTube Poop: Puxley Hig in the Stoner Age
  • The 3rd TTTE Collab
  • YouTube Poop: Spingebill is Being Too Over-protective of Paper
  • YouTube Poop: Spingebill's Twelve Minutes of Faggotry
  • YouTube Poop: Fieldgarf Murders a Yellow Eyeballed Rapist
  • YouTube Poop: Tomax and Burteeeeee's Drag Race
  • YouTube Poop: The Critisizer of Childhood Memories Insults Italians
  • YouTube Poop: Two 6ft Pyjama Donning Fruits Molest Stuffed Animals
  • The Nostalgia Critic Collab
  • YouTube Poop: Purzee Inhales Fog
  • YouTube Poop: Penis and Sperm Adopt an African Child
  • YouTube Poop: Rain and Shitty Create a Facebook Page
  • Nostalgia Critic: cartoonlover98
  • YouTube Poop: Spingebill Trains For a Job He's Shit At
  • YouTube Poop: Hungmer Entertains Little Kiddies
  • YouTube Poop: Gay Gay Becomes a Jehovah's Witness
  • YouTube Poop: Spingebill Digests a Pastry Disguised Explosive
  • YouTube Poop: Spingebill & Krabbypants's Killtacular Escapade!
  • YouTube Poop: Some Trains Fock Around With Ducks
  • YouTube Poop: Spingebill & Squardwid Become Butt Buddies
  • YouTube Poop: The Phat Kuntroller's Groin Smells Like Fish
  • YouTube Poop: A Benifying Looney is a Little Too Fond of Those Spinsins...
  • YouTube Poop: Raydink's Creepy-Ass Holiday Special
  • YouTube Poop: Bear Forgets to Pay His Mortgage
  • YouTube Poop: You Are a Sad, Strange Little Man
  • YouTube Poop: Plinkplank's Disturbing Glimpse of Reality
  • YouTube Poop: Trains and Badly Drawn Pigs Don't Mix Well
  • YouTube Poop: Benny Gets Fingered by Black People
  • YouTube Poop: Spingebill Travels Half the Globe for a Hat
  • Youtube Poop: (insert quote from the movie here.)
  • Youtube Poop: Roodog's Electrical Nasal Device
  • Youtube Poop: Star Shrek- The Next Generation
  • The cartoonlover98 WMM Collection
  • Youtube Poop: You Are Still a Sad, Strange Little Man (last poop)


In February 2015, all of cartoonlover98's SpongeBob poops were deleted. Similar fates have happened to sinnedtragedy98 and BarneyIsPerverted. As of August 2019, cartoonlover98 closed his youtube account along with his alt account as well.


  • In 2013, Cartoonlover98 uploaded a video to YouTube called "Penis Song", which consisted of Cartoonlover98 himself singing a song about a penis. It wasn't long until the video was flagged and removed, a few days after it was uploaded. The video has not been reuploaded ever since.
  • He currently draws, makes comics and occasionally does commissions on his twitter account.