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Shooting Films

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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

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In Brief

Shooting Films is an American fast paced Youtube Pooper, whom started to get into making YTP's in July 2017.


Shooting Films was introduced to Youtube at a very young age by one of his childhood friend's older brother in 2008-ish and one of his earliest videos/Youtubers he remembered watching was ultrasonic105. A few examples were Sonic's Vacation part 1 and Super sonic bros-meet super bros part 3. He then wanted to watch more plush channels that do a similar thing like Cute Mario Bros. and wanted to create stories with his own plushes and action figures. Besides from plush channels, he watched Smosh, The Annoying Orange, Tobuscus, some of Fred, and Epic Rap Battles of History back then.

At 2012, he got tired of watching Youtube without an account and not knowing when specific Youtubers would upload, so he created his first Youtube channel without his parents permission under the name: TheSonicMario100. Since then, he watched more Youtubers like Element Animation and Epic Rap Battle Parodies. As for YTP's, he watches them infrequently as he'll only watch it if it's similar to EmperorLemon's or Goop Videos's style of pooping at the time, with exceptions of MoBrosStudios.

One day at 2013, he got logged out of his account, couldn't remember the password, and had to create a new one called: TheSonicAndMario100, which is his regular account to this day. About a month later, his older sister thought it would be fun to film and edit a video involving their Dad (wearing a panda mask) and his little brother have a Nerf War about taking out the garbage. Shooting Films then uploaded that video onto Youtube uploaded on October 26, 2013, since he wanted to take Youtube (and collecting video games/movies/tv shows) more seriously, thanks to Angry Video Game Nerd and Nostalgia Critic. Ever since then, he made all types of content over the years and experimented what could work best (in this specific order): Nerf Wars, Gaming Videos (by pointing the camera at the TV), "comedic sketches", shit-posts, commentaries, and reactions to weird movies. As for YTP's, he made "MLG BATTLE ROYALE" and "Po, Tigress, and Crane Have a Threesome" on his sick days from school because he was bored. Meanwhile, on the side, he was making poorly written reviews over on his old deactivated DeviantArt account and poorly written rap battles over on his now inactive

In 2017, he reflected upon The Drake and Josh YTP Collab one evening and thought about what the Youtube Poopers that participated in that collab, are doing at the time. He happened to stumble across Schaffrillas Productions, which from watching his content, it inspired Shooting Films to create three collab entries: For NationOfOranges696's Pixar YTP Collab, Yoshimaniac's Moana Collab, and Schaffrillas Production's Chowder YTP Collab. After the praise the Chowder collab has gotten, he decided to continue doing YTP's (as well comedic sketches and commentaries inspired by Gus Johnson), make a bunch of online friends over on Discord in 2018, and has no plans on stopping anytime soon.

First poop seen

It is possible that he saw MoBrosStudios's Skellington's Revenge YTP first, but he is not certain.

First poop made



Shooting Films always partakes in Collab's to make his content with a few exceptions. He also doesn't care about which sources are used the most and/or least, with also a few exceptions. As long there is enough source material for him to work with, it should be YTP material. However, he does have a few sources that are a staple of his channel.

Re-ocurring Main Sources

Re-occuring Minor Sources

Recommended Playlists



Preferred Methods

Preferred Software

  • iMovie (2013-2016)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC (Dec. 24 2016-present) (He has been meaning to experiment with Sony Vegas, but he is fine with using Adobe Premiere)


  • Youtube (specifically the good content that doesn't pander to audiences)
  • Youtube Poop
  • Most of the YTP Community
  • Video Games
  • Movies
  • TV Shows (like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network)
  • Music (Artists/Bands like Weird Al Yankovic, Ninja Sex Party, Neil Cicierega, oneboredjeu. Shooting Films said that he needs to listen to more Artists/Bands)
  • Collecting Video Games, Movies, and TV Shows
  • His friends (Both Online and in Real Life)
  • His family
  • Food
  • Artistic Freedom (with some exceptions)
  • Porn (C'mon, you do too.)


  • Petty Drama
  • Unwarranted Negativity
  • Stupid Propaganda
  • Stupid People, like Self-Entitled Subscribers and Attention Whores (Although, he has some mixed thoughts about some of them, depending on the context)
  • For the sake of being offensive type of stuff
  • His bad side of anxiety
  • How the School-System is run


  • Poopism Imbalance
  • Excessive Ear-Rape


Overall Reception

Shooting Films and his videos are considered mostly positive, praised for fast-paced references, clever visuals, and positive attitude.


  • He may sometimes makes jokes that other Youtube Poopers made (depending on the source), even if he tries to adapt it into his own. He is now trying to be more creative with his jokes compared to his Incredibles YTP.
  • He is considered to be a "perfectionist" in general, so he may get stressed to the point of lashing out at his friends on Discord. However, he is trying to prevent that from happening most of the time. In fact, most people considered him to be a good friend.
  • While he is unintentionally not trying to be stupid, he may be stubborn in terms of passion. Depending on the topic, Shooting Films is considered to be a fighter type, depending on the topic and how much he is willing to give in before he gives up.


  • Surpassed 2K subscribers
  • Has over 130,000 views on his channel overall
  • Some People considered Shooting Films to be an underrated YTP'er and a good friend
  • Got to collaborate on people he admires including Schaffrillas Productions (he sometimes edits for him in his analysis videos), Silvanatorr, Cory the Norm, etc. Even talking to people like Waltman13, Lulu Luvscats, busnut33, etc.
  • Is experienced in film-making from making comedic sketches and participating in Multi-media classes at his school. He hopes one day to create a company and collaborate with other people who can create video games, movies, TV shows, music, etc; while still creating Youtube videos, especially YTP's.


In Real Life



Fans (Feel free to add yourself here)

Other Information


  • The first videos he watched on Youtube were plush videos by ultraonic105.
  • Inspired by Angry Video Game Nerd/James Rolfe, he wanted to take film-making and video-game collecting seriously.
  • Before Shooting Films made YTP's, he tried to experiment with Nerf Wars, gaming videos (by pointing the camera at a TV screen), comedic sketches, shit-posts, commentaries, and reactions towards weird movies, through the years of 2013-2017. He still has interest in doing comedic sketches and commentaries inspired by Gus Johnson.
  • Meanwhile, on the side, he was making poorly written reviews on his now deactivated DeviantArt account and poorly written rap battles on his now inactive Fanfiction account.
  • Shooting Films is bisexual or pansexual
  • Shooting Films admits he is a furry, so no sex for him... Although, he is craving for some gamer dick.


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