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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.


GuffKid is a moderately popular yet small Youtube Pooper who focuses on having simple yet engaging poops.

Complete History

From Humble Beginnings

GuffKid doesn't remember the exact time where he was exposed to YTP, but it was around the time frame of 2009-2010. Back then, he didn't really care all that much about YTP and he just saw them as just another video on the internet. The first 2 poops he recalls watching were The Haunted Hotel of Weegee by Hurricoaster and The Only Pooh's Grand Adventure Poop Anyone Has Ever Made multi-part YTP series by RaidMaster Productions. Over the years, he would watch many YTP'ers such as Geibuchan, Trudermark, MoBrosStudios, along with many others. Overtime, he would also be developing a love for YTP due to watching multiple poopers. He didn't make a Youtube account until July 6th, 2015, this would mark both the creation of his YT channel and the first videos he would grace Youtube with...

July 6th - December 6th 2015: The "Generic Replays" Era

Back in the day, he wasn't anywhere close to the YTP'er you know today. Originally, he was known as "Generic Replays" and he uploaded Team Fortress 2 related content using the (now defunct) replay system. Along with these captured TF2 moments, he uploaded 4 Garry's Mod animation tests to try different techniques with his animation. During this time period, he amassed roughly 20 subscribers. Though, on December 6th, 2015, he would upload one last animation test before randomly vanishing from the site. In early 2016, he set every video to unlisted, never to be seen again, due to slow growth & losing all interest in Youtube.

November 25th - December 17th 2016: Rebirth via Lazytown

So, you would think that it would be now where he finally became THE GuffKid... haha WRONG! You see, at the time, GuffKid was very into the "We Are Number One" bandwagon at the time much like others were. On November 25th, he discovered that he had Windows Movie Maker installed on his computer. It was at this moment he realized that "Oh damn, I can completely get onto this crashing bandwagon for the hell of it". It was also at this time where he remembered about his now completely dead YT channel. So, he fully rebranded his channel to the "GuffKid" name you know today. Afterwards, he immediately got to work on his first Lazytown shitpost and the rest is history. From here on out, he was regularly uploading low to mid-effort shitpost videos and having the time of his life. He was gaining a lot of views and quite a bit of subscribers along the way. On December 17th, GuffKid uploaded his first unofficial YTP called How the GuffKid ruined a classic song by memeing it up. Later that same day, he was incredibly proud of his work on that video. It was at this moment he got an idea... a delightfully devilish idea. "What if I just put a little bit more into these shitpost videos?"

December 17th 2016 - March 24th 2017: Drastic Expansion

Only a few hours later, he would upload his first YTP (YTP) Donkey Kuk Jej. This poop was incredibly low effort (only took him like 30 minutes to make) yet he was so proud. For the next 2 days, he still uploaded two more YTP's he made for each respective day. These included Jim's pizza is for you and me and Spongebob Fruit Snacks destroy the Bikini Bottom food supply. After he made these, he decided to put a bit more time into his poops to avoid rushing them. He would still continue to make his typical shitpost videos but they got fewer and farther between as GuffKid's love for making YTP's continued to skyrocket.

On March 24th, 2017, he announced in the comment section of his latest poop at the time (GumCum: The Seussical), that he would be taking a "small break" from Youtube so he could learn his new editor, VSDC. On April 26th, 2017, he uploaded a collab entry that would be his first poop made in VSDC, and all looked well for the future of his channel. Though not all good things last forever.

April 26th 2017 - April 1st 2018: The Update Video Extravaganza

Now, VSDC was not always the most stable editor on the planet (No editor is), but this editor would seem to always try and fight against GuffKid. The editor endured constant lag and crashes, which GuffKid expected, but what occurred in June was unthinkable. As E3 2017 was ending, GuffKid decided to make a video called "E3 2017 is an experience". He worked nonstop on the video for 3 days straight so the video would still be relevant at the time. He poured many hours into the video while putting up with the editor's constant bullshit. He experienced multiple crashes, causing him to constantly repeat making parts of the video. Eventually, he got through it, and finally began rendering the video. He was so relieved as the progress bar went up... until the editor crashed roughly halfway through. Now panicked, he tries to render it again. It crashed again around 80%. He would attempt rendering multitudes of times to no avail. Then, out of nowhere, it finally rendered roughly 1 week after it was initially done. Excited and hopeful, he rushes in excitement to watch it... only for it to be a completely broken mess of a video. Now completely fucking crushed and depressed, he tries to go to the file again to render, only to find the file was corrupted and couldn't be recovered. He. Was. Heartbroken.

He became both scared and upset of VSDC to where he would basically disappear from his Channel yet again. Every now and again he would make a little bite sized shitposts and 2 update videos, with nothing in those update videos ever coming to fruition. He was completely gone yet again. Leaving 450+ subscribers in the dust.

April 1st 2018 - Present: The Renaissance

Eventually, after tons of convincing from his brother and rapidly increasing subscriber base, GuffKid decided enough was enough and went back into VSDC to finally deliver some of the content hes been wanting to make. He upgraded from 5.7.5 to 5.8.7 (That's literally how long he didn't touch VSDC) after making a simple "Hey, I'm alive" video on April 1st, he started work on his big comeback YTP known as Ster Bingerfloogle's Angsty Family Drama; a sequel to one of his more popular poops (Ster Bingerfloogle gets conflicted with some emotional shiz). While working on his new YTP, he noticed that every issue he ran into back then was just magically gone. After finishing the video in roughly the same time span of the E3 2017 video, he prayed that he could actually render & upload the fucking thing. The second he saw the "Render complete" screen with the resulting video being near perfect, he broke out into tears of joy. From this day forward, he's been consistently uploading new YTP's & Shitposts with no foreseeable consequences in the future.

On June 3rd, GuffKid discovered YouChew and has since officially became a part of the YTP community.

First poop seen

The Haunted Hotel of Weegee by Hurricoaster

First poop made

(YTP) Donkey Kuk Jej


GuffKid's style is essentially "simplistic yet engaging". He often uses references/audio replacements as his main form of jokes but utilizes multiple poopisms frequently in-between each other so his poops don't ever have "stale" moments.

Preferred Sources

Preferred Methods

Preferred Software


  • Youtube Poop (What a shocker)
  • The YTP community
  • Team Fortress 2(or just Valve in general)
  • Nintendo
  • Any form of Animation
  • Anything with GOOD deep lore
  • Writing
  • People who are able to take a joke
  • People who aren't overly sensitive


  • Tumblr (Do I gotta say more)
  • 99% of Fandoms
  • The current state of Youtube
  • School
  • When you completely forget what you were gonna say or do only to remember it a few seconds later
  • Assholes who think their hot shit
  • People who use Autism or Autistic as an unironic insult
  • Those times where people won't tell you what's going on or go into detail over the simplest things.


GuffKid has recieved mostly positive reception from both his viewers and other Youtube Poopers in the community. He receives a lot of praise for how he has incredibly well-done & consistent pacing and how no joke ever overstays its welcome. Most people compare him to Schaffrillas Productions and EmperorLemon.


  • Uses little to no Masking in his videos
  • Feels a tad bit samey to his inspirations at times.
  • Sometimes has an inconsistent upload schedule


  • Has surpassed 750 subscribers as of July 2018
  • Has remained copyright strike free for 2 years (unless you include Content ID)
  • Has gotten over 200K views on a single YTP
  • Many great poopers have subscribed to him (Examples include: NationOfOranges696, Morimoto, Green ProDuctions Universe, NKpower, and more.
  • Inspired someone to get into YTP: ReyGGTV


Fans (Add yourself if you want)


  • He considered a few different names before settling on GuffKid. These names where SuperGuff64, Guffy, and Guff Productions.
  • Very passionate about Animation as an artform
  • Wants to branch out his content into both Animation and Music ASAP so he can escape the issue of lots of people subscribing just for YTP
  • Runs his channel in secret from his parents because they don't trust him with most forms of social media.
  • Uses his channel as a coping mechanism for his moderate depression
  • Even though he has Asperger's Syndrome, you can barely notice it according to his IRL friends.
    • He firmly believes that Autism doesn't exist and that many people with disabilities are wrongfully discriminated.