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RobotnikIsm.png This article describes a recognised Poopism: a method of video editing that has been used by a number of poopers.
{{#ev:youtube|1ciP1LEJ8iQ|320}}AC!D S7A7!0N 9 by Ishkibibl, one of the first poops to use this poopism extensively.
{{#ev:youtube|irkOHj0UtX8|320}}Jenny Becomes A Toddler Then Partys With Steve And Klay People And They Play Boggle, by CreepahWeegie
{{#ev:youtube|XVAVsCvUtwo|320}}Elsa Lets Her Sanity Go, by Frozen Cereal

Scrambling is when someone takes a clip, splits it into small pieces, usually 1 to 2 frames, and rearranges it randomly giving it a "scrambly" look and sound. Sometimes the volume is raised or an effect is added, and can sometimes be used along with Ear Rape. If you have the Vegasaur extension for Vegas Pro 8.0 and up for 1st version and Vegas Pro 11.0 and up for 2nd version, it's very easy. Go to View > Extensions > Vegasaur > Editing > Split Events, press Frames, and replace 1, 3, 5 with just 1. Then, press OK. Then, Go to View > Extensions > Vegasaur > 1-Click Commands > Randomize Events and BOOM! You took a shortcut to scrambling!


Scrambling was first used by Ishkibibl, which in turn became popularized by other poopers such as Imaperson and MTB710. Other names for the poopism include Jumbling, Garbling, Shuffling and Chopping.

It has been a popular poopism among poopers who utilise a fast-pacing style that begun taking shape in 2010. Scrambling was eventually even more popularized after the release of Frozen Cereal's poop, Elsa Lets Her Sanity Go in 2014. Goop Videos hosted a collab based around Scrambling in 2017.

Poopers Who Frequently Use Scrambling

And a shit-ton more people!