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YouTube Poop Collaboration

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A YouTube Poop Collaboration is a video composed of several short YouTube Poops created by various individual poopers. Collaborations (frequently called "collabs" for short) are a commonly-done activity and they are a great way to bring a sense of community and get poopers to work together.

The Process[edit]

Conception and Organization[edit]

First, one pooper comes up with an idea for a collab. Typical collabs revolve around one theme such as each poop using a similar style (such as ear rape, highly-advanced tech, and others) or a number of poops using the same source or general idea (like poops of different commercials or music videos). They create a topic for it in YouChew's "signup/wanted collabs" section, describe their idea briefly, what to do, limits (such as time limit, source limit, etc.) and they offer a deadline. Poopers can feel free to enter the topic, and if they are interested can register. Poopers can drop out of a collab at any time. Typically, there will be a deadline for registration, and once enough people have joined, the topic is moved to the "in progress" section. People can join at this stage, but only in rare cases.


When a pooper finishes their entry, they can upload it to YouTube or, more directly, send it to the collab maker with a download link. Typically, during the "in progress" stage, a deadline is made. If a pooper cannot send in their entry by that time, they won't be in the finished product. Hosts can also extend the deadline if they wish.

Once all poopers send in their entries or the deadline has been reached, the host of the collab downloads them all, and watermarks them with each segment's creator (if the individual poopers have not watermarked it themselves). At this point, the editing process can go two ways, depending on what type of collab it is.

Linear: The segments are stung together one after another. This tends to be the more popular option, as it requires less work.

Non-Linear: The segments are cut up and moved around to create one long, flowing poop. This tends to be the less popular option, as it requires more work.

Some larger collabs also have an introduction segment, created by one or more of the collab participants, that lists the poopers whose work appears in the video.


Once everything is put together, the video is then promptly titled, rendered, and then uploaded. At this point, the collab is moved to the "Completed" section and laughs are had by all.

A Matter of Life and Death[edit]

Not all collabs make it out alive... the host may run into personal problems, poopers may be unwilling to join, technical difficulties can arise... whatever the case, collabs can fail or be abandoned by the host, and if they do, they are moved to the "Cancelled and Failed" section.


It is not known what the first collab was, but it is highly likely that it was "Poopers Unite!", started by Calculate900 that kicked off collabs, either from the beginning or in popularity. The oldest topic in the collab section on the Vanilla forum was a "poop contest" held by SuperNinbendo.

Famous/Notable Collabs[edit]

Where to Find[edit]

You can find out about newly-made collabs and even create some of your own in this section of the YouChew forums:

Collabs: Signup/Wanted.

Completed collabs can be found here.

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