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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
COOL STORY, BRO.   Dieathan is a major contributor to YouChew's news page.

In Brief[edit]

Dieathan is some guy on the Internets who does gameplay videos but as of late practically dumped that tradition in favor of creating poops. He also was an osu! player since October 2009 but after 4 years decided to give up on it and call it a good career. He was ranked #72 on the regional (Australian) rankings on osu! upon quitting.


He first started watching poops back in the days of yonder of 2006. A bygone age ravaged with AIDS, Spadinner and crappy WMM editing. He had been watching poops ever since, but stopped watching them so frequently in later years due to his Internet connection being a piece of crap with its bandwidth cap.

In 2009, he started his own YouTube channel, but didn't start uploading videos until June 2011, with videos consisting of playthroughs of osu! beatmaps, Audiosurf recordings, several Megaman X4-6 videos, a Megaman X8 video, and for some reason those "massaging" segments from the second Strike Witches DS game. He has been relatively unknown otherwise.

{{#ev:youtube|YDMgCi6MF0A|320}}This is what happens when you play Megaman X5 too much.

When his old computer's Video card slot died in Febuary 2012, he opted to get a new PC which he needed badly for his University Course (Which specialises in computer programming and games development). He then got himself a shiny new All-In-One Vaio PC which he is quite fond of and realised out of all the pre-installed software it came with, Adobe Premiere Elements 9 was one of them (Strange since you think it would have Sony Vegas instead). However, he didn't think of making poops until later that year when he learnt to rip DVDs, and additionally Blu-Rays (Thanks to his PC's BD-Drive) and started to teach himself how to use Adobe Premiere Elements. After a few minutes of bugger all effort, he created his first fad response (To a dead fad nonetheless) and shortly started regretting it once the video hit 1,000 views. This was followed by another fad response (Again to a dead fad and also regretted creating shortly after) and finally his first real poop (Which he spent about an hour on due to wanting to playing Assassin's Creed III already and having to study for exams at the time).

As of 11 January 2017, he is a part of the YouChew Writing Staff.

First poop seen[edit]

Either Mama Luigi Seeks Medical Assistance or Robotnik on the Toilet

First poop made[edit]

Technically this, but he considers this to be his real first poop.


His style can be described as a mixture of '08-'10 style poops combined with his own twists on some more modern techniques.

Preferred Sources[edit]

  • Various voice clips and sound effects from vidya
  • Whatever he thinks he can make a decent poop out of and hasn't been overused

Preferred Methods[edit]

  • Sentence Mixing
  • Ear Rape
  • Reversing
  • Repetition
  • Stutter Loop

Preferred Software[edit]

  • Adobe Premiere Elements 9
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 (Formerly Elements 9)


  • Vidya gaems
  • Dumb anime bullshit
  • Boobs
  • Terry Bogard
  • Robotnik
  • Bang Shishigami
  • Tidus' laugh (Both English and Japanese)
  • BEMANI Music
  • Rillion's onion muffins
  • Circumcising penises


  • The Australian Classification Board not making sense (Atelier Totori Plus has an R18+ rating, what the crap?)
  • Censorship (Generally when vidya-related)
  • Michael Atkinson
  • Master of Martial Hearts (It's a terrible show, even as fanservice, don't watch it)
  • Whenever Google makes YouTube marginally worse
  • Simplyslap (Not only for faking his death, but the guy also stole his signature)


While not really that successful with his poops, they still have been generally received with positive responses. Even in the community he has been well-liked by many.


Not much, but his poops are sometimes critiqued on being a bit slow or repetitive at times.


  • Has achieved over 300 subscribers.
  • His most viewed video, Honoka Honks Her Horn Horrendously Hard, has obtained at least 23,000 views. He has no clue as to why, but he assumes it has to do with the name and possibly the thumbnail.
  • He was nominated for Best Newcomer of the YouChew the Winner Awards 2013, User with Funniest Signatues in 2016, and Best YouTube Pooper for 2017.
  • His Kuroko Forgets How to Peel Tomatoes poop got ranked #2 in March 2014's Top 10.
  • The same video also got ranked #1 under the Regular category at the same time.
  • His Laura Explains the Importance of Nanomachines poop got ranked #8 in November 2014's Top 10.
  • His EARRAPE Collab attained a total of 27 entries (Including his own) lasting up to about 31 minutes in total.
  • His This is a Show About Ninjas poop got ranked #6 in October 2015's Top 10.
  • His Jirard Attempts to Overcome his Pepsi Addiction poop got ranked #7 in December 2015's Top 10.
  • His EARRAPE Collab III: Third Strike attained a total of 37 entries (Including his own) lasting up to 35 minutes in total.
  • His Nui Visits Her Local Blood Bank was nominated for Best YouTube Poop of 2016.

In Real Life[edit]

Fuck all...




Poop Listing[edit]

  • The girl with the [thing]
  • Jon gets some blue pants
  • Finland & Jaques' Crapple-tastic Misadventure
  • Lucchini Summons the Power of Ulyaoth
  • Mario Mario and the Sacred Lesbian Sex Tape
  • Get Patted On By Chewtrick Fucking (Tennis Match Round)
  • MILFeulle Is A Dumb Furry
  • This is why I don't use word splicing
  • Mooing Patrick King Spar Dewing (Tennis Match Round)
  • Miyafuji Joins The Patriots
  • Shirley Eats A Wrench
  • Arclight Creates An Origin Account
  • The Many Faces of a Crazed Satanic Homicidal Lunatic
  • [REMOVED] PewDiePie Plays Half Life 2: Episode 3 Prototype (Collab Entry/Trap Video)
  • Perrine Craps All Over the Walls (Tennis Match Round)
  • Monica bashes some blocks (Tennis Match Round)
  • Joey feels fantastic (Tennis Match Round)
  • Ross gives it all up (Tennis Match Round)
  • Lucchini Gets Domino's Pizza
  • Macho Man's Honky Tonk Minute (Collab Entry)
  • King Koopa Wants Mac 'n' Cheese (Collab Entry)
  • MILFeulle Mods World of Tanks
  • OPPAI SAN (Tennis Match Round)
  • SUPA KOWAI OJOUJO KUN (Tennis Match Round)
  • Ragna Deploys His Inner Bitch (Collab Entry)
  • Kuroko Forgets How To Peel Tomatoes
  • antonio banderas dubs are best dubs
  • Rareware Presents Hulk Hogan's Ultimate Brother (Collab Video)
  • HELLO GABEN (Reupload of PewDiePie Plays Half Life 2: Episode 3 Prototype)
  • Ryuko Tears Shit Up (Collab Entry)
  • Fuck You, Professor Kokonoe
  • Jon Goes Bonkers For Conkers (Collab Entry)
  • Tasty televised snakies (Tennis Match Round)
  • Then stop listening to mainstream garbage (Tennis Match Round)
  • Garuda's Guide to Group Urination (Collab Entry)
  • shana (Collab Entry)
  • Something Referring to the Term "Dong" (Collab Entry)
  • I can reach out and grab...
  • Laura Explains the Importance of Nanomachines
  • Dick Klang Gets Into A Hootenany with Gay Rool (Collab Entry)
  • The Donkey Kong YouTube Poop Collab
  • KURAZII GOHAN BAKA INU SAMA (Tennis Match Round)
  • ゴジラは大声で黒質である
  • Alex Jones' Erratic Syphilis Epidemic (Collab Entry)
  • Issei Slices Up A Camel's Toe (Collab Entry)
  • The EARRAPE Collab
  • this is it luigi
  • The question is why does a walnut need a splinter? (Tennis Match Round)
  • Tomoko's Metaphorical Erectile Dysfunction (Collab Entry)
  • http:// (Tennis Match Round)
  • wootsman dies on the way back to his minus account (Tennis Match Round)
  • This is a Show about Ninjas
  • Arin Wants to Know How to Get the "Splin" & "Ter" from the "Wal" Around his "Nut" (Tennis Match Round)
  • Jirard Attempts to Overcome his Pepsi Addiction
  • another mother fucking undertale ytpmv
  • Steph Learns the Proper Use of Derogatory Terms (Collab Entry)
  • The EARRAPE Collab II: Second 'Splosion
  • Reimu Devours Your Existence (Collab Entry)
  • Nui Visits Her Local Blood Bank (Collab Entry)
  • Sam's Robotic Anime Lesbian Red Pepper Party (Tennis Match Round)
  • Yamada's First Teriyaki Steak-Induced Homicide (Tennis Match Round)
  • Roka Sells A Urine Sample On The Black Market (Collab Entry)
  • The EARRAPE Collab III: Third Strike
  • And now Arin has finally splintered his own nut. Good job. (Tennis Match Round)
  • Honoka Honks Her Horn Horrendously Hard (Collab Entry)
  • Commissioning For Video Editing For Your Own Amusement (Tennis Match Round)

Collabs Hosted[edit]

  • The Donkey Kong Collab - Completed
  • EARRAPE Collab - Completed
  • EARRAPE Collab II: Second 'Splosion - Completed
  • EARRAPE Collab III: Third Strike - Completed

Collabs Participated In[edit]

  • Commercial Collab (Bloodis) - Completed
  • Cuss Into Sus Collab (SpaghettiBicycle) - Completed
  • Super Mario Land Collab 3 (HollowTheGuy) - Completed
  • All Out Motherfucking Brain Rape (iamoutofideas1) - Completed
  • PewDiePie Trap Video Collab (AngrySpongeBobGuy) - Failed
  • Choose your fates Collab (Sid1325) - Completed
  • Super Mario Brothers Super Show Collab (Dark Fox) - Failed
  • Macho Man's Cocaine Fueled Collab (Melongod) - Completed
  • Collaboration Collab (iamoutofideas1) - Completed
  • Inspiration Collab (Sid1325) - Failed
  • Hulk Hogan's Ultimate Collab (Stuart K. Reilly) - Completed
  • ANARCHY Collab (Dark Fox) - Completed
  • Nintendo 64 Collab (HomerAlltheWay) - Completed
  • Cuss II Suss: Suss All Day Collab (SpaghettiBicycle) - Completed
  • Jon and Conker's Fanfic-fueled Collab (Dark Fox) - Completed
  • Unusual Source Collab (drinkyourprunejuice) - Completed
  • Choose your fates #2 Collab (Sid1325) - Completed
  • Historical YTP Anniversary Collab (poppop) - Completed
  • Mathletes One Hour Collab: Alex Jones Edition (Hoipendaddy) - Completed
  • ANARCHY Collab #2 (Dark Fox) - Completed
  • Choose your fates #3 Collab (Sid1325) - Completed
  • AoStH / Sonic Sez Collab (UltraJooshSFuntuff) - Failed
  • TOUHOU COLLAB (LaVie CestLol) - Completed
  • The Anime Collab #3 (UltraJooshSFuntuff) - Completed
  • ANARCHY Collab 3 (Dark Fox) - Completed

Tennis Matches[edit]

Poop Duels[edit]

  • MrThisucks vs. Dieathan (Failed R1B/6B)
{{#ev:youtube|QSfCeyISWWw|320}}For those curious about what he sounds like.

Other Information[edit]


  • He has over 700+ entries of anime on his anime list on MyAnimeList, which makes him possibly the pooper who has seen the most anime to date.
  • Strangely, he doesn't think most dubs in anime are as bad as people think. This is likely due to how horrendous video game dubs can be, and how much dub quality has improved since the 90s.
  • He's been playing beatmania IIDX since 2011, is an 8-DAN, and can clear up to a couple level 11 songs.
  • He was also waiting on a home release of beatmania IIDX 17 SIRIUS. Then beatmania IIDX INFINITAS became a thing, and he rejoiced, only to be disgusted by the subscription required.
  • His waifu is Lynette Bishop. Secondary waifus include Fate T. Harlaorn, Louise Valliere, and Laura Bodewig.
  • He has a Megaman X8 video that has somehow made its way onto
  • Despite being of Australian nationality, and of English and Italian heritage, people often consider his accent to be American. How ironic.
  • Ever since he hit 100 subscribers, he has done several dub videos of his own which feature his handsome voice.
  • He has participated in several YouChew Community Game Challenges, including Donkey Kong 64, Sonic Adventure 2, Super Mario Sunshine, Legend of Zelda, and Metroid, and attained all the awards (Except for the Mario Party one from the Sunshine challenge) for each and every one.
  • He made a Temmie Remix of an MP3 to MIDI conversion of John Cena's WWE Theme "The Time is Now".
  • He was Runner-Up for the Straight Facts award in YouChew's Donut Steel Contest during YouChew Festival 2015 with his original character, Dr Ivo Eggbotnikman.


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