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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.


DaThings1 has been into YouTube Poop since early 2009. The First poop he had seen was "Luigi is Racist" by SuperYoshi. After watching more YTPs and seeing the trends, he began humbly making YouTube Poop on a cheap laptop with Windows Movie Maker. Eventually he began working on a desktop computer and using other programs alongside WMM (Such as Irfanview and Photohop for still images and NCH WavePad for sound/sentence mixing.) His sources primarily involved overused sources such as CD-i, Mario head, Vince Offer, etc. Much of the material was Spadinner style with well-intended jokes being overshadowed by the low quality and limitations of Windows Movie Maker.

His first successful YouTube Poop was "Bill Nye Cells Himself" in November of 2009. The video gained extra traffic due to searching "Bill Nye Cells" yielding his YTP as a result (Many a commenter claim to have accidentally stumbled upon the video in science classes.) "Grover Has Fun With a Door" was another higher-traffic video as a result of many having confused it with AlvinYTP's "Grover Teaches YTP"

DaThings1 began making more fast-paced, viewer-friendly YouTube Poops in the summer of 2010, and reached 100 subscribers later that year. Around this point he chose to make YTP with little-to-no Sex Jokes, seeing them as a turn-off for many of his friends. He received Adobe Premiere Pro as a gift on Christmas of 2010 and has since switched to that software, never to look back. With the new editing potential, he produced higher quality videos and began occasionally producing 10-minute Movie YTPs using Films and Musicals as sources. In June of 2011 he began making videos every week on Sundays. He reached 1,000 subscribers in September of 2011 and has since accumulated more than 30,000. He also uses "DaThings2" as a second channel for Misc. videos mostly related to YTP.

DaThings1 currently uses a wide variety of sources and continues to release videos regularly, though not weekly anymore.

First poop made

{YTP} ~ Do YOU have enough rubies?


Self-described as "Viewer friendly" poops that are mostly clean, limited on randomness, and often include simple jokes.

Preferred Sources

  • Movies
  • Music Videos
  • Commercials

Preferred Methods

Preferred Software

Adobe Premiere Pro CS2 (note: he used Windows Movie Maker and WavePad Audio Editor back then, he no longer does.)



Generally good reception, with positive comments on clean humor, steady pace, and well executed jokes.


Many find videos to be "Too clean" and not taking many risks. Videos often have 360p or lower resolution and some sentence mixing is confusing. Also criticized for using My Little Pony as a source (As is the case with most Brony Poopers)


  • Pooped "The Lion King"
  • Hosted the "Bak 2 Skool" Collab
  • Hosted the "Scaryrary" Collab
  • Reached 30,000+ Subscribers


Poop Listing

(Self-chosen best, in no particular order)