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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
COOL STORY, BRO.   Benedetto was a former major contributor to YouChew's news page.

In Brief[edit]

Benedetto, also known as “Ben”, is a member of the prestigious YouChew Forums and a pooper who got his start way back in the day. And when I say “way back in the day”, we’re talkin’ circa 2008. He was also on the Writing Staff from April 2015 until he retired from it in May 2017.


Ben actually made YTPs way back when the medium was still kinda new. He was also on the forum under a different account for a while, and disappeared around 2009 for personal reasons. Since then, he wants nothing to do with that particular chapter in his internet life. It’s kind of embarrassing.

When Ben started making videos, he wasn't particularly good or well-known as a pooper, because many, if not most of his videos were fad-related. The few proper YTPs that he did make (maybe 5, depending on how generous your use of the term YTP is) were nothing to write home about, with plenty of mediocre editing and unoriginal humor. His videos have long since been deleted from YouTube, along with the account that originally posted them. Don't feel too bad. You aren’t missing much.

After a hiatus for several years, Ben returned to the forums in late December of 2012. At first, he posted little and was an unfunny chucklehead. Since then, he had a stint on the Writing Staff for about 2 years, participated in several Secret Santa projects, and is marginally more recognizable on the forum. But he’s still an unfunny chucklehead.

In April 2017, he came out of retirement and made a YTP for the first time in years.

Possible photograph of Ben.


Trivia (Things that you probably don't care about)[edit]

  • Ben is a Protestant Christian, albeit a deeply imperfect one.
  • He’s from Texas, and he will point that out every chance he gets.
  • For a time, he was in the United States Navy (see also: Yoshit and Essemkay). He will also point this out every chance he gets.
  • From what is known, he’s the biggest fan of the Texas Longhorns on the entire forum. Anyone who says otherwise has never met him.
  • You’re most likely to find him in the Forum Games, Off Topic, or Art & Images sections. If you see him in any of the YTP sections, alert the mods, because something is wrong.
  • He’s the worst Cards Against Humanity Card Czar you will ever play with.



  • Ask him.

Associates (AKA people that seem to put up with him)[edit]