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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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This article is about a Youtube Pooper that makes Flash Poops.

In Brief[edit]

A very popular flash pooper who began in 2008, and has been pooping ever since.


Well it's been a bumpy road, based mostly on him simply wanting to create stuff. He never liked the idea of planning something out before actually going through with it, so getting in on the "YTP"-scene proved to be perfect for him. He didn't have to think through any of the stuff he made, since that is, or at least, was a big part of "pooping". None of it had to make any sense, and made the whole process of creating something pretty darn easy. After a while, people actually started noticing his videos. That is when he started to actually put some thought into his videos.

First poop seen[edit]

He doesn't remember, but he knows it was probably something by Deepercutt, or WalrusGuy.

First poop made[edit]

He's pretty sure it involved Windows Movie Maker, the disco light effect and repeating clips of The King saying "dinner" or "mah boi".


CD-i cutscenes infused with an evolving cinematic style, he's still trying to find his style through making his poops.


Preferred Sources[edit]


Preferred Methods[edit]

Preferred Software[edit]


  • Sony Vegas Pro 11 for most of the general editing.
  • Adobe Photoshop for changing the look on someone's face or editing the background, etc.
  • Google Sketch-up for complex 3d objects.



  • Bad Toiletpaper
  • Words that start with the letter Q


The reception he's been getting has mostly been pretty positive. People seem to enjoy his videos, and also really seem to want more. More. MORE. MeStar doesn't remember getting any hate for anything, but he's sure there are a lot of people who generally dislike his videos.



  • He has made over 30 YouTube Poops, and has about 7,000 subscribers as of April 2013.
  • His poops have shaped and revolutionized the flash pooping genre of YouTube Poop!


In Real Life[edit]


  • Jackvoproductions



Poop Listing[edit]

Name Date Uploaded Length
YouTube Poop: A Bear's Tail 8/2/08 2:59
YouTube Poop: Lilo & Stitch 8/31/08 6:15
YouTube Poop: The Kings Gift: Part 1 12/31/08 2:51
YouTube Poop: The Kings Gift - Part 2 1/4/09 1:23
The World Of Weegee 2/14/09 1:33
Super Head Bros. 3/2/09 2:01
King VS Disco - Part 1 3/9/09 1:54
King in Space 3/14/09 1:12
YouTube Poop: The Ghost Of Scooby - Doo 3/20/09 1:30
King VS Disco Part 2 3/25/09 2:53
King VS Disco - Part 3: King's Revenge 12/19/09 8:19
KingMas 12/22/09 1:23
To catch a Hedgehog 12/30/09 1:01
Night of Weegee 1/11/10 3:35
The King does stuff 2/24/10 1:17
A King hates his Gwonam 7/6/10 1:13
The King Gets Arrested for Nothing 8/3/10 3:02
Broken Link 10/7/10 1:26
Random Deaths: The Movie (Short Ver.) - 1967 10/15/10 1:31
Super Mario Super Special Shorties 10/31/10 1:31
YouTube Poop: More Lilo & Stitch? 11/12/10 6:15
Isn't it funny as f*ck? 11/29/10 2:01
Health and Poop Practises 11/30/10 2:43
Driving Home For Christmas - King's Edition 12/15/10 2:30
Sonic The Hedgehog VS The Tails Doll 12/29/10 2:16
The Kings Big Secret 7/6/11 1:19
Do Not Steal 7/6/11 2:16
Hyrule gets Funky 12/9/11 2:46
CSI: Hyrule 11/22/12 2:13
The King Goes Up 1/11/13 3:51

Other Information[edit]


  • He enjoys playing various sports every once in awhile.
  • MeStarStudio's favorite thing about uploading silly videos is making others laugh.


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