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This article refers to either a food found in Youtube Poop, or an article related to food. Either way, it sure is delicious. MMMMMMMMMM, food!


~ Heavy Weapons Guy while eating a sandwich.

Sandvich (or Sandwich for all you non-Eastern-European folk out there) is a form of food achieved by placing various ingredients, often meats, cheeses, or vegetables, between two slices of bread. Heavy Weapons Guy is especially fond of sandviches, to the point of carrying them into battle. The olive with a toothpick through it is completely optional, but recommended. Just don't eat the toothpick. Sandvich can also refer to someone who just got squished flat.


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How To Make A Sandvich[edit]

Wii will make a ham sandvich as an example.

  • Start with bread (any bread is fine)
  • Plop the ham* thusly, please.
  • Put cheese* on top of the ham.
  • Lay a 2nd slice of bread on top of the whole thing.
  • (optional) Add a toothpick and an olive on there if desired.

*Can be replaced with anything, and used in any amount.

You can also spread sandwich spread (Such as mayo, peanut butter, jelly, or vegemite.) on the bread if you want to.


Heavy shows you that sandviches are delicious.
But Krystal cannot enjoy her sandvich. :(
  • In Team Fortress 2, as Heavy, you can eat these to restore your health. Finding one of these on the ground, oftentimes from a fallen Heavy recovers health whilst simultaneously satisfying your hunger.
  • Barry Burton of Resident Evil is addicted to these, as he constantly reminds Jill Valentine of the time she almost was turned into a "Jill Sandwich." He also has tendencies to find many of these delicious morsels along his pathway (No doubt from many fallen Heavies.), as seen in this poop.
  • Spiderman loves having rubber glove sandwiches. What bad taste.
  • Some might say that Heavy's sandviches have bad magic drugs in them, which could explain why Scout and Soldier wanted him to not eat the sandvich in this here video.
  • When Heavy found out about the "Scout Is Delicious!" had over 120 video responces, it magically rained Sandviches.
  • A popular variation of a sandvich among assholes is a nice, greasy pork sandvich, which is often served in a dirty ashtray.
  • The characters in the movie "Bad Santa" would like to fix you some sandwiches.
  • Pickle Surprise is sort of advertising their special sandwiches for you to eat.
  • Absolutely anything can be put on a sandwich. Whether it will taste good or not depends on what it is. For example, This Key would not make a good sandwich, while vegemite would.
  • In an episode of South Park, a turd sandwich debated against a giant douche.
  • Bubs has an ice cream truck that sells sammiches.
    • If you eat pancakes, the Scout will throw in 20 sandviches absolutely free.
    • Get that sandwich outa your pie-hole and listen up, maggots!
  • Krystal can't enjoy her sandvich. :(
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic takes all of his sandwiches with mayonnaise.
  • Sandviches have been a staple for us since 70 B.C., when Rabbi Hillel put fruits, nuts, and honey on matzah bread, this sparked the Arabs to stuff meat in Pita bread, and Europeans to put cheese on their bread.

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