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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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 This Pooper is Dormant and unclassified to be retired or on hiatus.

In brief

BarneyIsPerverted is an influential pooper whose content consists mainly of Spongebob episodes. He became popular in a short amount of time due to several famous poopers subscribing to him and featuring his videos on their channels.

His videos are known for extensive use of masking and earrape, as well as a very similar style to that of Kortez3000/SantaWithTeeth (now known as SantaWithGuns).


BarneyIsPerverted saw his first Youtube Poop at 14 years old, when one of his friends showed him the video titled "Freddy Ruins Sam's Life", by KroboProductions. He had never heard of sentence mixing before, and nearly died laughing when he heard Freddie Benson say, "Suck mah cock" to Sam. This is the moment in which he officially became addicted to Youtube Poop. Shortly afterwards, he discovered SantaWithTeeth, who ended up becoming his favorite pooper of all time.

Nowadays, he is 17 years old and still loves Youtube Poop. However, he feels as if his favorite style of YTP is dying. He misses the days when KroboProductions and SantaWithTeeth were in their prime, and the "hybrid" style of YTP (storylining, sentence mixing, and effects combined) was at its peak. While he does not believe that he can singlehandedly bring the hybrid style of Youtube Poop back into the level of popularity it had in 2008, he wants to help keep it alive. His videos maintain a pace similar to that of the actual episode, they have a storyline, they contain plenty of sentence mixing and sex jokes, they employ humorous elements other than just swear words, and they also have some effects.

After reuploading his latest poop, 'Spingebill Experiences A Horrifying NDE', in 2012, BarneyIsPerverted vanished off the YTP scene and has not returned since. He does, however, still respond to comments on his poops, and has stated that he would still be making poops if they weren't so time-consuming. He is currently working as a graphic designer in LA, and is enjoying his career immensely.

First poop seen

Freddy Ruins Sam's Life

First poop made

Spingebill Has A Pickle Fetish


Preferred Sources

Preferred Software


  • Spa-Dinner
  • Bleeps/Overdubbing of Swear Words (as opposed to sentence mixing)
  • Memes
  • Pointless Repetition, Speed Up, Slow Down, or Reversal


In general, his reception is extremely positive. Many users are extremely glad that he is maintaining an older style.


Some people believe that his style is too similar to that of SantaWithTeeth, and therefore he is unoriginal.

Some people also believe that his videos are not edited heavily enough, and that too many parts of the episode are left untouched. This, however, is done on purpose. He believes that part of the humor involved in a Youtube Poop comes from the episode being realistic enough so that people can feel as if they are actually watching an episode with the characters swearing and making crude jokes.


Within one week of his first video being posted, he had a total of over 15,000 video views and over 500 subscribers. These include his three favorite poopers of all time: cs188, Hurricoaster, and SantaWithGuns.



His account was created in 2008, but until recently, it was only used for commenting and posting a few random videos which have long since been deleted. He decided to use it for posting his new Youtube Poops because the username seemed strangely appropriate for a YTP channel.

"Spingebill Has A Pickle Fetish" was the very first video he ever posted on his channel, but it was not the first Youtube Poop he ever made. His first one was titled "Hot Dog Hero", and it was an edit of a weird Cox Communications commercial. He had it posted for a short amount of time on another channel, but deleted it because he hated it.

Many of his SpongeBob poops were deleted in February 2015.